Killing Floor 2 – Complete SWAT Guide

Please note: all credit goes to PinkJbm!

This is complete SWAT guide for Killing Floor 2.

Guide to SWAT


Consists of the Mp7, 9mm, tactical knife and flashbangs. Overall a pretty strong start to any match.

Make sure to use those flashbangs!

Class Tree

5. 50% armour each game and damage reduction in some areas or perk aim speed / crouch.

10. Duel pistols and more damage or perk reload speed.

15. Increased perk stumble wep or 30% perk wep ammo.

20. 50% extra armour start or mutiple hits slow zeds.

25. Zed time is real time movement or unlimited ammo and real time shoot.


  • Limited weapons for use in SWAT section.
  • Can be a healer with the smg.
  • No melee at all besides knife.
  • Most weapons are rapid fire low damage.


  • SWAT level 5.
  • SWAT level 10.
  • SWAT level 15.
  • SWAT level 20.
  • SWAT level 25.
  • Normal SWAT.
  • Hard SWAT.
  • Suicidal SWAT.
  • Hellish SWAT.


  • 25% max perk wep dmg.
  • 30% bullet resistance.
  • 100% mag increase.
  • 25% wep switch speed.

Note: These are level 25.


  • Kill with SWAT weapons.
  • Kill clots with SWAT gear.

You’re basically front line warrior.


  • Nice dps class with some good starting gear.
  • Not a support role so no ammo or heals or anything so good for solo.
  • Armour and damage reduction is nice.
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