Killing Floor 2 – Hellmark Station Collectibles

Contains screenshots of places where I found most of the collectables to help you get your achievement.

Collectibles on Hellmark Station

There’s are two canteens you can walk behind. Behind one of them you’ll see a skull. You can shoot it either from the left, or walk around the counter and shoot it from there. Ofc glass is bulletproof.

A skull can be found on top of a ladder by Jittery Joes, close to main, open hall you’ll find yourself on often.

On said hall there’s a skull on top of uh… crucified? corpse. It’s opposite that big, metal support structure.

Impaled onto fence on gate to platforms 3 and 4.

In this small glass enclosure around a lava pit there’s opening on one side. Skull is underneath the bench.

On drawers in staff room with knocked down wall.

On a rack in what I believe is one of storage corridors?

Upstairs, by a portal, on one of ATM machines.

In a room with exhibits and Kraken statue, a skull sits peacefully on a moose head.

In security room, hiding away under the desk.

Pub with snooker tables? Hail! Skull stands by beverages behind the bar.

In remains of a clothes shop, on a shelf towards the middle of the shop.

(Pardon the gorefiend limb in my face) a skull can be found in one of the kitchens, tucked away in the metal sink.

You know that funny hell stone that goes brrr and takes away 20hp? There is a skull on top of the one growing out of the catwalk going above 3 platforms.

Next to underground ticket gates, behind an ATM.

There’s more than one bathroom you can access, this is the one with knocked down doors and wall. Skull sits on sinks.

I found at least 2 more that I forgot to take a screenshot of, I found them in rooms neighbouring skull on moose, but the ones listed above should be enough to get your achievement. You need 10, right? I think so.

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