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With our favourite furry and videogame boys mere days away from arriving at the party, the following guide showcases how to complete SOME storylines. There’s definitely come content not yet implemented in the beta and certain things are open to change and alteration, but these guides should work regardless for what I was able to find.


Prior to the Grumps’ arrival, you need to complete some older quests to get them to the party, specifically including Katherine and Frank.

Introduce yourself to Frank and tell him that you’re sober. Collect the 6 Natty Lites to get on his good side:

  • 1st floor – By the arm chair near Frank.
  • 1st floor – Behind the right speaker near Stephanie.
  • 1st floor – On the shelves in the garage.
  • 2nd floor – On a shelf as soon as you enter Madison’s room.
  • 2nd floor – Beneath the desk next to Brittney.
  • 2nd floor – Behind the clothes basket in the upstairs bathroom.

Giving all 6 to Frank should earn you BFF status. You’ll get on his good side regardless. Introduce yourself to Katherine and tell her the word need is used outside of its intended purpose. Ask her about her boyfriend and ask why anyone would be a ♥♥♥ to her. Tell her that her boyfriend has her plastered to her phone and she will go on about “Spandex Daddy”. Ask her what kind of drink she wants.

Go to Frank and ask him what he thinks of Katherine and if he plans to guard the alcohol all night. Return to Katherine and tell her that Frank is guarding the alcohol and that Frank has a crush on her. Return to Frank and tell him that you can put in a good word for him with Katherine. Agree to take the topless picture. Return to Katherine and tell her she needs to take a topless pic.

Go upstairs, collect the camera from Madison’s table in her bedroom, the SD card on the desk next to Brittney and the cellphone jammer from the garage. Put the SD card into the camera and turn on the cellphone jammer. Follow Katherine around until you two arrive in a room by yourselves. Turn off the jammer and close the door. Ask Katherine to take the picture now she’ll remove her shirt, tell her this isn’t what Frank means by topless. Pick whatever pose you want to photograph. You only need one and give the camera to Frank. Take the rum bottle from the cabinet and give it to Katherine. She will proceed to mention the Game Grumps.

After the conversation, return to Katherine in 1-2 minutes and give her the cellphone jammer. After she gives it back, go outside and wait by the hot tub. DO NOT MOVE. Staying in the same position is key as their hot air balloon comes closer to you. It will pass overhead, and Arin and Dan will jump from the balloon near the hot tub.

Arin & Dan

And like that, Arin and Dan are at the party! Before talking to them, head over to their right to find a Starbomb box that fell from the balloon. Pick it up but do not give it to them. Talk to either Arin or Dan to begin their dialogue, and tell them you’ll see what you can do about getting them out of the party. Unlike the Lety update, Arin and Dan don’t have too many set courses. This is more of a comedic update, watching the two interact with the other party members. There are numerous funny scenes and conversations to watch here. You’ll find Dan and Arin playing about in the garage, Dan with the penguin and Arin doing his Gollum voice.

You can give the Grumps several items and receive different reactions, including:

  • Giving either of them the chocolate bar from the upstairs office.
  • Giving Arin Ashley’s ♥♥♥ from beneath her pillow.
  • Giving Arin either the master bedroom or bathroom skeleton key.
  • Throwing up your fists.
  • Several others, just pick up whatever you can and try giving it all to them, just not the STARBOMB box yet!

Funny interactions you can watch include:

  • The two dancing with Stephanie and talking about the 10 Minute Power Hour.
  • Arin asking Madison to paint one another.
  • Rachael gushing over Dan.
  • Arin discussing the scavenger hunt with Amy.
  • Dan confessing he is a furry to Derek.
  • Arin asking Patrick to play a live action “Diddle Kid”.
  • Katherine asking the two for a photo.
  • Arin attempting to reach the MP3 player and falling off the stairs.
  • Arin becoming hypnotised by the painting in the living room.
  • The two singing out brothers and sisters.
  • SEVERAL other interactions, there are plenty here. Some haven’t been included as not all voice acting has been implemented yet. As stated earlier, they have no specific quests other then getting them out of the party. If you’ve seen all you need to see, I’ve found 2 ways to get them out, though I’m sure there are more to come.

Save Game

Save the game now as there is more then one way for the Grumps to leave. It’s also worth noting that if you already have Patrick’s cellphone, giving it to the Grumps will fail the quest.

Escape #1 – The Briefcase

One way to get them out is through the Compubrah briefcase on the gazebo roof. Go to the upstairs art room to acquire the broom and knock down the briefcase. Interact with the voice and turn off the cellphone jammer. Go to Arin or Dan and tell them that you have a way for them to escape. Go along with the dialogue and acquire the USB stick from the upstairs office. It’s in the closet on top of the safe. Follow the dialogue and go ask Katherine to turn off the jammer. Ask Frank for the camera back. Tell Dan that Katherine wants a photo (Arin becoming hypnotised by the painting may occur here if it hasn’t already). Follow the Grumps outside and pick up the briefcase. Take a photo of Katherine, Arin and Dan. Behold Dan and Arin shrinking and disappearing into the briefcase, as the two finally escape the house party. This is all that is required to complete method one.

Escape #2 – The Bathbombs

Go to Dan and give him the Starbomb box you picked up earlier. Follow Arin and Dan to the hot tub and throw a few into the water. Follow the two to the fire and tear up at Dan calling Arin “Big Cat”. Throw a bathbomb onto the fire and wait 1-2 minutes for Dan and Arin to become high. They will sit on the Flamingo statues and fly off into the skies, allowing them to escape the party.

This is all that method two is, but damn it’s something glorious!

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