Brick Rigs – Civilian Beginner Guide

A guide to being a good Rp-er in rps (civilian).

How to Be a Good Civilian

Get a House!

Get a place to live. You can find Low brick homes on the workshop! Some Low-Brick house creators include…

  • Ryan Cart(me).
  • Tebrooks4.
  • FJwarner.
  • JJ Gaming and things.

Some things your place should be / have / whatever:

  • Low-Brick count.
  • Not look bad.
  • Smaller houses for smaller population (inside house).
  • Detail(not to much over “Low Brick”.
  • Should be under 600 Bricks.
  • Try to get a friend to live with you SO your buddy does not spawn in a house(less lag) this is optional.
  • A place to park your car so it isnt in the middle of the street (optional).

What you home should not have:

  • Over 600 bricks.
  • Thrusters.
  • Horns.
  • Anything affensive / rude / Non-RP.
  • Anything annoying really.
  • Not to big (depending on how much people live in it).
  • Non-Laggy or glitchy.

Good houses for RP:

Get a Car (or Someway of Transport)

Get a way of transport, either bus, taxi, your own car or anything that is low brick and non-frp! But no hovercars.

Some people who make low brick good rp cars:

  • FJwarner.
  • Tebrooks4.
  • Skip.
  • Driver915 (i think that’s his name).
  • Aarno.

What your car needs / includes:

  • Low brick, Under 450 Bricks.
  • Needs to look good & realistic.
  • Have some detail (But not other brick count!).
  • Not to rich (Like, no lambos, porsche or any other fast / rich cars. It is a generic rp).
  • Nothing affensive.
  • Something from around the Rp’s time period (although restored cars can be aloud).

What your car should not have:

  • Nothing laggy / overpowered.
  • Something Non-Relevant (Example: Dont have a WW2 Military Transporter in a 1990s RP).
  • Something Non realistic.
  • Needs good looks (nothing boxy, dumb or bad looking).
  • No softbodies, please.

Good cars for rp (tested):

Making JJ famous.

Also, howcome all the cars i choose are red, white and blue in the pic? What a Coincidence.

Get a Job / Own a Business!

You can get a job or own a business! (low brick).its good for RP and in my opinion makes the rp much funner.

People who make good businesses:

  • FJwarner (i think).
  • Ryan Cart (For sure, i have lots that are low brick).
  • Tebrooks4.
  • JJ Gaming and Things (i think).

Things your business needs:

  • Under 600 Bricks.
  • Needs to be relevant to RP.
  • Other jobs for other people.
  • Needs detail (But not over brick count!).
  • Needs to be practical.

What your business should not have:

  • No thrusters, horns or anything annoying.
  • No non relevant things to rp (Example: WW2 Military thingy in a 2010s rp).
  • Nothing affensive.

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