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Dungeon Defenders: Awakened - The Ancient Mines (Survival Setup Guide)

Written by Zero   /   Feb 29, 2020    

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The Ancient Mines

The Second Map in the game, The Ancient Mine, This map has 3 choke points you need to defend. And Drops The Mist A mine (rock) pet.

For this map you will need:

  • x3 Squire (x3 walls)
  • x5 wizzard (x5 striker tower)
  • x7 huntress (x3 explosive trap, x3 gas trap x1 lightning)
  • x2 Monk (x2 weaken aura's)

Place Squire walls at each of the choke points (3 in total).

With the Huntress place explosive traps in front of the walls, and gas traps slightly behind the explosive traps, and finally place a lightning spike trap far behind the crystal next to a stone obelisk.

With the Monk, on the right side of the map, place a weaken aura between the two choke points, so you cover both sides with one aura, and then place one at the final choke point.

And finally the wizard, place 5 striker turrets on top of the lightning spike trap facing all 3 entrances.

Side Notes:

Do not stand on the crystal due to dark elf warriors, standing on the wooden scaffolding just in front of the crystal lets you avoid the dark elf warriors.

Written by Zero.