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7 Days to Die - Best Base in Navezgane

Jun 22, 2017    
7 Days to Die - Best Base in Navezgane

Hello guys i'm here to show you what is the best base location in Navezgane sit back and relax :)

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You spawn down somewhere in the map after you should search this location 13 N 1839 E called the trailer park where we gonna start.


The trailer park is the best location in my opinion there are a lot of good thing such as:

  • There is a lake next to the park which means infinite water resource 
  • It's located in a burnt down forest lots of trees and burning wood on the ground what you can destroy to gain coal 
  • Decent amount of animals (rabbits, deers, pigs etc) 
  • Lootable burt down houses, cars, trash 
  • It's next to a normal forest where you can find a lot of clay 
  • Snow biome is close 1-2 hours sprinting (in game hour) 
  • Various loot in the trailers 
  • One of the trailers has an open door that trailer is made of super strong steel (12000 hitpoints) 
  • Next to the radioactive boarder 
  • Nearby there is a military holdout 
  • Some of the trailers have ferilized ground 
  • Next to a supermarket (lots of food and misc vendingmachines) 


  • Away from the trader 
  • Away from other villages, loot places

In a nutshell

  • Lots of resources, animals 
  • High hitpoints holdouts, trailers 
  • Away from other explorable/lootable places

Written by Pr.AtomCzigány.

Game:   7 Days to Die