7 Days to Die – Best Base in Navezgane

Hello guys i’m here to show you what is the best base location in Navezgane sit back and relax.

Best Base Guide

You spawn down somewhere in the map after you should search this location (called the trailer park where we gonna start):

13 N 1839 E 


The trailer park is the best location in my opinion there are a lot of good thing such as:

  • There is a lake next to the park which means infinite water resource 
  • It’s located in a burnt down forest lots of trees and burning wood on the ground what you can destroy to gain coal 
  • Decent amount of animals (rabbits, deers, pigs etc) 
  • Lootable burt down houses, cars, trash 
  • It’s next to a normal forest where you can find a lot of clay 
  • Snow biome is close 1-2 hours sprinting (in game hour) 
  • Various loot in the trailers 
  • One of the trailers has an open door that trailer is made of super strong steel (12000 hitpoints) 
  • Next to the radioactive boarder 
  • Nearby there is a military holdout 
  • Some of the trailers have ferilized ground 
  • Next to a supermarket (lots of food and misc vendingmachines) 


  • Away from the trader 
  • Away from other villages, loot places

In a Nutshell

  • Lots of resources, animals 
  • High hitpoints holdouts, trailers 
  • Away from other explorable/lootable places

I hope you found this useful. Wishing you luck!

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