Titan Quest Anniversary Edition – How to Obtain Hercules and Avatar of Thanatos Achievements

Are you struggling to achieve the half a million kill count? Fear not my friend, I will guide you through this insanity by showing some little tricks you can exploit in order to get the most desired 100%.

Tips and Tricks for Achievement Walkthrough


The ultimate quest on how to get the two most time-consuming achievements in TQ: “Hercules” (kill 100.000 monsters with a single character) and “Avatar of Thanatos” (kill half a million monsters).

Sounds pretty fun uh? It’s not. Each strategy has its flaws.

Let’s start with the downsides to this method:

  • Your pc is eventually going to stutter, so I suggest to take a break when you feel like your machine is not going to put up with your shenanigans in reaching the half a million kill count anymore.
  • You need a high lvl character (I will say at least lvl 50) and a lot of Mana, like 200-300 Mana potions (I don’t think Health is much of a problem because on Normal difficulty you cant die with a high lvl character even after hours of skeletons hitting your face).

Skill Points and How to Invest Them

Ok first of all, the two Masteries that I feel are the most useful to get things done quick are:

  • Earth Mastery: the main damage skill we are going to use is “Ring of flame”, so invest skill points in that
  • Dream Mastery: being a heavy Mana-draining method, a must-have skill is “Train of convalescence”, a skill that will aid you in lowering the Mana requirements necessary to keep the damage skill active.

The Right Place to Be

Now another important thing is, of course, the right place to do this:

  • I believe that the best place is in “The Great Sphynx”, a tomb accessed from the “Giza Plateau” in Egypt (Act II).
  • Here, in one of the rooms, you will find two Dark Obelisks and some random enemies.
  • Dark Obelisks are basically a non-stop spawn of skeletons that will run towards your character, so you dont need to move.

Unleash Hell on Those Helpless Monsters

So, the strategy you will use is:

  1. Locate the room in “The Great Sphynx” with the two Dark Obelisks.
  2. Positionate your character somewhere in a place where he can be surrounded by all the skeletons.
  3. Activate “Ring of flame” and “Trance of convalescence”.
  4. Spam Mana potions (“Trance of convalescence” is a valid ally in this process, but it will only slow down the Mana usage, so you will eventually have to chug a potion in order to keep things going).
  5. Wait until you pc is on the verge of exploding.

Statistics for Nerds

Now a little math: I arrived in Act II with like 7300 kills, went to the room in “The Great Sphynx” and start gazing on endless waves of poor skeletons getting liquefied.

  • Half an hour wnet by and I got roughly 1.000 kills.
  • After an hour (with all the necessary breaks in order to let my pc breathe) i reached a kill count of 10100.
  • So in an hour you will get like 2.500 to 3.000 kills.
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