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DOOM Eternal - How to Turn Off Tutorials!

Written by NightBlader   /   Mar 21, 2020    

Wow! Amazing! Tutorials can be turned off!

Tutorial Bad

Tired of tutorials? Can't seem to figure out the solution? Can't realize that they don't show up again upon replaying a level? Don't worry, I know exactly what to do! Try to follow along.

Step #1: Opening the Options Menu

First, go to the options menu.

Step #2: Turning off the Tutorials!

Now, hit the option that says "Tutorial". You can also turn off "In-Game Tips".

Finale! Good Job! You did it. Now actually try to be good at video games!

Remember, you have plenty of ammo, and a chainsaw to collect them with.

Written by NightBlader.

Game:   DOOM Eternal