DOOM Eternal – Ultra-Violence Post-Game Guide

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A guide to completing the game on Ultra-Violence after beating it on easier difficulties.


Beating each level after the first was too hard to do on Ultra-Violence, so I gave up and beat the game on Too Young To Die. Now I’m trying to complete the game on Ultra-Violence. So here are my suggestions for doing so in a quick, timely fashion, which is also how I got the milestone A Bat Out Of Hell (Complete Hell on Earth in under 10 minutes):

  • Beat the game on I’m Too Young To Die (Easy) mode, collecting as many collectibles as you can. The Infinite Extra Lives and Infinite Ammo Cheats are a must. Power Up Mode: Overdrive is also very useful.
  • Find all the Slayer Keys, unlock all the Slayer Gates, beat them, then use the six reward keys to unlock the Unmakyr. I did this during my initial run, but if you find them troublesome, you can beat them afterwards, when you’ve sufficiently amassed your arsenal.
  • Replay through all the Campaign Missions on Ultra-Violence difficulty with as many of the following Cheats as you have: Infinite Extra Lives, IDDQD, Instant Stagger Mode, Infinite Ammo, Power Up Mode: Onslaught, Silver Bullet Mode, and Power Up Mode: Overdrive. If you don’t have all the runes, weapon masteries, or Praetor Suit Perks, the All Runes, IDKFA, and Fully Upgraded Suit Cheats would also be useful, respectively.
  • The following runes are, in my opinion, the most speed-conscious: Perform Glory Kills faster (Top-Left), Launch into a Glory Kill from much further away (Top-Middle), and Gain a speed boost after performing a Glory Kill (Top-Right). I sometimes used the Middle and Middle-Left runes before the Cheat Run, but Middle-Left makes your movements unpredictable and makes a god-awful noise whenever you double-jump. The Middle Rune, which makes demons stagger longer, is a more practical alternative to the Top-Left Rune if you’re prioritizing survivability over speed.
  • Have your Unmakyr equipped at all times. With infinite ammo on, it’s generally the fastest way to kill enemies in the game. If you’re low on armor, use R – Flame Breath at close-range and 5 + Right-Click – Super Shotgun Flaming Meat Hook at long-range to make enemies drop armor pickups.
  • Start with Hell on Earth and haul asscii to complete A Bat Out Of Hell.
  • Complete the other levels in any order.

Warning: Level Select doesn’t seem to remember the hardest difficulty in which you completed a level, only the most recent one. So try not to play a level on an easier difficulty than you did previously until you’ve unlocked Escaped The Madness. With cheats, switching between the first four difficulty levels makes little difference.

So if you’re going to play through a level on a higher difficulty setting and planning on getting the Master of Fasting milestone, set the difficulty to I’m Too Young to Die and play through that level with just the Fasting Mod Cheat enabled, then play it again on the harder difficulty afterwards. I recommend doing this with Level 1. Have the barrels drop ammo, barrels respawn, and immune to barrel damage suit perks to restock up on ammo.

Addendum: I initially also made this guide to earn Escaped The Madness (Complete the Campaign on Ultra-Nightmare), but I misread it and thought I could get it on Ultra-Violence. I also thought it would get me the milestone Running Up The High Score (Complete Extra Life Mode with 10+ extra lives), but I thought that was a Cheat Code instead of a Game Mode. Perhaps at some point, I’ll see if these tips work for an Extra Life Mode run or an Ultra-Nightmare run, and will update this guide if and when I have the results.

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