GTA 5 – How to Get in to the Fort Zacundo Without Stars / Enemies

Please note: all credit goes to Nanomister!

With this, you can go in Fort Zancudo whithout any enemies, wanted level, well without dying.

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What You Need

First and second way:

  • You need to have a CEO / MC buisness
    or be hired by a CEO or MC leader.
  • First way only: you need a bunker.
  • Second way only: you need at least 2 guys (include you) in your MC.

Third way:

  • You need to be at least LVL 12.
  • You need at least $5000. Yes, this way cost money.
  • You need to be fast, because of the 3 minutes time.

All the ways:

  • You need a flying vehicle, like a Rocket voltic, a Opressor, a plane, a helicopter… You can steal the plane / helicopter at any airfield, it doesn’t matter.

First Way, More Money Needed But You Can Do It Alone

You need to get in your bunker.
Then, start a ressuplies mission.
When you’re outside, tell to your organization to FOLLOW YOU, because they will go to the objective, doing the mission. If someone don’t follow you, it isn’t important, just fire him after the mission.

Go to the airfield, at your pegasus vehicle, or call your flying car / bike. Everyone (who want to go inside Zancudo base) need a flying vehicle.

Now, go to Zancudo base, and land anywhere in the base. Don’t worry, homing missiles are disabled, so you can land like a butterfly (or like a snail).

All you need to do is… Anything. You can take any vehicle you want, like Tank, Buzzard, P996 Lazer…

Now you can end the mission.

Second Way, Easier But +2 Guys Needed

Make a MC club, or be hired by a friend who is a MC Leader.
This need at least 2 guys, you can’t do it without them.
Open the M (or, if you got ZQSD keyboard) menu and choose the MC category.
Again, choose the challenge category, and choose the wheelie challenge, then start it.
And now, you can do anything you want, but you got only 5 minutes! So, if you want to explore the base, I think you won’t got enought time.

Third Way, Very Easier But Cost Money and Short Time

This is very easy. A noob can do this ! Well, if he’s level 12.

  • First, take your phone. Not IRL, the GTA 5 phone. Take it with middle mouse button or up arrow.
  • Second, go to contacts.
  • Third, choose Lester.
  • Fourth, wait he take his phone.
  • Fifth, wait he finish talking.
  • Sixth, choose “Cops Turn Blind Eye”.
  • Seventh, go to Zancudo Base.
  • Eight, profit your 3 minute time.

Positive (+) and Negative (-) Things With the 3 Ways

First Way


  • You can do it alone.
  • When you’re a CEO (or you’re in a Organization) you can call a buzzard / volatus, so you don’t need to go far away to get a flying vehicle.
  • (Alternative) When you’re a MC leader (or when you’re in a MC) you can call a Opressor, if you got it.
  • Time is infinite (as long you don’t go to the objective) so you can do anything you want in the base.


  • You need money to get a bunker.

Second Way


  • You don’t need money, so you can do it if you’re poor.
  • If you got a Opressor, you can call it.


  • Time is only 5 minutes, so you won’t got too munch time to explore very munch the base. 
  • You need at least 2 guys in your MC (include you) so if nobody want to be hired, you’re f*cked.

Third Way


  • You don’t need to be a MC leader or a CEO, so you can do it alone.


  • It cost money – $5000.
  • You need to be at least level 12, this is sad for noob players.
  • You can’t restart the deal with Lester before some time.
  • It’s for only 3 minutes, that’s very short. I think you got only the time to take a Titan, or a Tank.

List of all Zancudo’s Vehicles


  • Jobuilt P996 Lazer
  • Titan
  • Western Besra

Helicopters (choppers):

  • Cargobob (Camo version)
  • Nagasaki Buzzard (weaponned version)

Ground vehicles:

  • Crusader (Can’t be modified, aslo know as Mesa camo)
  • Rhino Tank
  • HVY Barracks
  • Barrack Semi (The fastest of semi trucks, semi version of HVY Barracks)
  • Fire truck (You can find it next to the airfield, at the swamp side)

Important Content, Read Before Leave

If you kill someone in the base, everyone will attack you. So, DON’T KILL soldiers or cops!

You need to get in the base at the very begining of the mission. If you get in after go to the objective (yellow dot), this will maybe fail!

You CAN’T keep your P996 / Buzzard / Tank outside the lobby you’re in, because it isn’t a Pegasus / your own vehicle. You need to repeat the steps, so choose carefully your lobby!

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  1. there is an easier way
    You need to be an MC President and need at least 2 ppl.
    Then you go to club challenges and open wheelie rider.
    Its 100% free.You ahve 5 minutes to do everything you want and everyone earns money when the challenge finishes.You can start the wheelie rider after 15 seconds again and again.

  2. Or if just wanna trying out LAZERS, then just play a mission whereas wanted level is completely disabled like a Gerald Mission. Seemly no military presence

  3. First off you don’t gain levels in this game so you can’t be “level 12”
    Secondly while you can own business’s you can’t become a CEO or whatever an “MC” is
    Thirdly lester cannot make the police “turn a blind eye” if you call him, he just says i don’t listen to my voicemail.
    I don’t know where your getting your information from but clearly it’s wrong. Perhaps you’re thinking of GTA Online not GTA 5?

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