Drug Dealer Simulator – 100% Achievement Guide

Wondering how to 100% this game? Well I am too! I haven’t 100%’d it yet, but I know all the stuff you gotta do to do so!

All Achievements

  • Sell 1kg of drugs

Self-explanatory, only counts in person deliveries (a.k.a, gang deliveries don’t count)

  • Heavyweight champion

Sell 1 ton of drugs. Only counts in person deliveries (a.k.a, gang deliveries don’t count)

  • Pocket money

Earn 10,000 bucks. Very easy.

  • Now we’re talkin’

Earn 100,000 bucks. Also very easy once you get all your stuff going.

  • My name is Jeff

Earn 1,000,000. I haven’t gotten this yet, but I’m very close to getting it. Just requires a lot of grinding.

  • Keep it clean

Start laundering your money. You can trigger this to happen after you put around 400 bucks of illegal money into an atm.

  • You know what capitalism is?

Max out the laundering business. I forget what number the last upgrade is, but it’s a 100k upgrade iirc.

  • A-hole new world

Reach level 10.

  • Reach end game

Reach level 36.

  • Nice.

Reach level 69.

  • Get a life

Reach level 100.

  • Catch me if you can

Successfully flee the police. Just run away from them without getting caught.

  • The offer you can’t refuse

Get into a gang. Either Kenji or the coke guy I forgot the name of. Story related, unable to miss.

  • First blood

Have a client overdose. Meth usually does this.

  • M-m-m-monster kill!

Have 6 clients overdose.

  • Going full Pablo

Have 107 clients overdose. This is a reference to a commercial airliner that Pablo Escobar organised the bombing of, resulting in the death of 107 people.

  • Jonestown

Have 909 clients overdose. This is a reference to the Jonestown cult, in which the leader had 909 people die from drinking poisoned kool-aid iirc.

  • Mr. Worldwide

Unlock all sale areas in Section A, B, and C.

  • Remnants of the past

Sell drugs at 21:37. Time goes by in the drug selling menu by the looks of it, so you have to time this well. It is a reference to the time (in Poland) that Pope John Paul II died.

  • The Frodo we deserve

Flush a golden ring down the toilet. This mysterious ring is located in the sewer canal in Sector C. The part of the canal that still has water in it. It’s located in the middle of it, near the area with the rocks and the shovel. I think it can respawn, but I have not tested that yet.
Update: It does respawn!

  • Cool story, bro

Listen to the whole Polish patho story. The apartment building that you go to to give Eddie his eddies. Walk around it until you hear people talking in Polish. Once the story is over, you get the achievement.

  • You were the chosen one!

Lose your long-time client. I am unsure if this includes losing them an overdose or not. An easy way to lose a client is by giving them a baggie of filler instead of drugs.

  • Hit the Road T.R.A.P / Isn’t She Empty

Have drugs in your pockets (not the bag) and get searched by a police patrol. If you go through a gate, you will get searched and get the achievement, but you will still get arrested.

  • Only ninja can stop ninja

Escape a DEA raid. I haven’t done this one yet, but if you get your exposure high and mess around in a house you don’t have any drugs in, eventually you’ll get a DEA raid that you won’t really have to worry about. Just make sure you’re able to escape through the window. DEA raids can only happen in apartments/houses you’ve bought that have a save point in them.

  • Hello, Neo

Hack all GSM antennas. Story mission, you won’t miss it.

  • God damn eels

Turn off the power once. Buy a fuse box key and use it on one.

  • Homeowner

Build 1st villa. You unlock them after doing the storyline.

  • Sky is the limit

Build all villas.

  • Well hello, Mr. Millionaire

Rent every hideout.

  • Yeah, Mr. White!

Build your first production lab. The story makes you do this.

  • Bigger Better Stronger

Build one of each production lab.

  • Small steps

Get your first dealer.

  • The sound of the beast

Get caught by the police.

  • They grow up so fast

Get a dealer to level 10.

  • The customer is always right

Get a client addicted.

  • You make a better rat than human

Find the psychedelics whistleblower. Story mission, unable to miss.

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  1. So the player “does” need to turn one of their safehouses into a marijuana plantation. Good thing my gaming theology doesn’t consider save scumming to be a sin!

  2. I am pretty certain that “You were the chosen one!” does NOT include OD’s because I just lost a client from the beginning due to an OD (and not calling me for months is what prompted me to ‘recycle’ the client).

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