RimWorld – Empire Mod Starter Guide

An introductory guide for anybody who just started using or wants to use the Empire Mod in the future. Please keep in mind that the mod is in active development, therefore everything is subject to change.

Guide to Start in Empire Mod

The Empire Mod

The Empire Mod allows you to create your own Rimworld faction with multiple settlements on the worldmap, that support your colony both economically and military.

These settlements are a good way to spend all that silver that you dont need, giving you even more silver or other resources in return.

  • Check it out here.

Getting Started – The Basics

There are no research or other requirements to start using this mod, so technically you can start creating your own colonies right from the get go.

The only barrier to becoming a Rimworld Superpower is silver.

Your first settlement will cost you 1000 silver, though i recommend having around 5000 on hand to upgrade your settlement and build the appropriate buildings.

Important note: The silver needs to be in a Stockpile zone or it wont be considered available for use!

Let’s Get Building! – Settling Your First Settlement

In order to get started click on the “Settlement” Tab in the right lower corner of your taskbar.

This will bring up the Settlement UI.

I would recommend using the “Tax Delivery Map” Button first, to set on wich map the taxes of your settlements appear.

After you have done that, head on over to the “Colonies” Tab and click on “Create New Faction”.

This will allow you to set the name, title and icon (not implemented atm) of your new founded faction.

Once you have done that you’ll see that the “Create New Faction” button is now a “Create New Colony” button

Clicking on it will bring you to the worldmap where you can now choose where you want to place your new settlement:

There are two main considerations you’ll want to take into account:

1. Resource Production

Your main consideration will of course be the type and ammount of resources that the new settlement can produce.

The five types of producable resources are: Food, Weapons, Apparel, Animals, Logging and Mining.

The Production Stats are influenced by both the Biome and the elevation.

Mountains are good for mining, flat land helps with farming and good luck getting wood in the desert. I would recommend specializing your settlement to produce only one kind of resource and choosing the location accordingly

2. Distance and path from the new settlement to your settlement

Both the distance between the two settlements and the terrains that connects them determines the “Travel Time”.

This Travel Time affects how long it takes for your settlement to be built initially and how long taxes take to arrive at your base.

Note: Researching Transport pods will max Travel Time at 0.5 days, no matter the distance or terrain.

Making Money – Taxing Your Settlements

Now that you have build your own settlement and spent your precious resources on it its time to get something back.

In order for your settlement to turn a profit it has to start producing first.

To do that go back back to the “Colony” tab and click on the name of your new settlement.

This will bring up your colony specific interface.

On the right side you can assign individual workers to different resources.

Keep in mind that every worker costs upkeep. That upkeep cost goes up, the more workers you have assigned. The “Total $ Profit” tells you how much silver you’ll get or have to pay during the next tax cycle.

Silver or Resources?

By default all your settlements will give you silver regardless of what resource they’re producing.

To change that you can check the “Is Tithe” column for that resource.

This means that the obtained resources will be given to you directly instead of being counted as profit and given to you as silver.

Here for example I put all available workers into mining and turned on tithing.

Because im not getting any profits Ill have to pay my settlement 1000 silver, in return im getting whatever resource they mined for me.

You will find very quickly that your basic settlement is quite limited in its ability to give you a huge ammount of resources. In order to change that you can shift your attention to the left of the colony interface and start constructing some buildings.

These buildings cost silver and will help your settlement in different ways. From giving you more workers, to making workers cheaper, giving you more taxes or improving the resource gathering rate for a specific resource, these 4 building slots can be used to help this individual settlement.

Important note: In order to construct a building you’ll have to click on the text “Click here to construct a building”. Clicking on the big question mark wont open the construction menu!

Lastly you can upgrade your village. With each level it will cost more silver but in return you get extra workers to assign to your resources. It will also give you a military level wich we will discuss in the last section of this guide.

Getting the taxes

After your settlements have been billed their taxes you’ll be informed via a blue letter. Once that happened you can go to you settlement tab again and click on “Bills”.

Here you can pay or get your taxes. If you have to pay silver because you have a tithe set up (as seen in the picture), clicking on “Resolve Bill” will take the silver right from your stockpile. At that point the settlement will send you the resources over (same for silver).

The time till these arrive depends on the traveltime. You can check the “Events” tab to see when the taxes will arrive.

It is recommended that you put down a “Tax Spot” wich can be found in the Misc section of the architect menu. That way the taxes appear on that spot.

Important note

  • The spot can be placed indoors without problems as the taxes dont appear via droppods.
  • All taxes, including animals and food will appear on that spot so be wise in choosing its location.

World Politics – Setting Up Policies And Traits

In addition to the individual improvements you can make to your settlements via upgrading the settlement or constructing buildings, you can also set up Policies and traits that affect your faction as a whole.

It is free to set these up and they give some nice bonuses so theres no reason not to do it.

In order to set these up you have to head to your faction tab and click on “Policies/Traits”.

From there choose your policies and apply them. Keep in mind that it takes 5 days till they go into effect. You can check the remaining time in the events tab.

To Arms – Setting Up A Military

Each settlement has a military score. This score can be increased by upgrading the town, constructing certains buildings or adopting certain policies. 

This score has 3 distinct effects or uses.

1.Defending your town

From time to time you town will be attacked. You will be informed about this via a red letter. The text in that letter will tell you how strong the enemy force is. 

If your own military score is high enough the defense wont be a problem and nothing bad will happen. An unsuccesfull defense however can result in that settlement loosing buildings or even a town level. Furthermore it will result in lower Happiness, Loyalty and Production for a while.

This is of course quite annoying when you have a settlement thats just starting out. You are however able to send your military from a different settlement to support the settlement thats being attacked. For that reason it is recommended that you have atleast one settlement with a high military score. In order to send your military to a different settlement click on the attacked settlement on the worldmap and choose “Defend Settlement” where you’ll have the option to change the defending force.

Important note: The defending force will be replaced, NOT added to the defence.

Note: There is atleast some RNG involved here. I’ve had cases where I was able to beat a lvl 8 attack with a lvl 6 military force and vice versa.

2.Attacking settlements

Just like other factions can attack your settlements, you can attack theirs.

If the attack is successfull you will get some items as loot.

3. Supporting your troops

Since the last update you’re able to set up an army for each settlement. The higher your military score, the more points you have available to form your army.

This will just be a brief overview on how to do that.

I would recommend watching this video from the dev himself that explains it in more detail:

Brief tutorial: Go to your faction tab and click on “Military”

This will open a new window, where you’ll want to go from the right to the left.

Click on Create Units > Select a Unit > Create New Unit

From there choose weapons and apparel for that unit. Keep in mind that the availability of certain weapons or armors is dependend on research or Techlevel.

Once you have created all the units you want you can head on over to “Create Squads”.

Again click on Select a Squad > Create New Squad and put in your units you created in the last step.

Note the total squad equipment cost. The ammount of coins you can spend is dependant on the military level of your town.

  • Level: 0 = 500
  • Level: 1 = 1000
  • Level: 2 = 2500
  • Level: 3 = 5000
  • Level: 4 = 8500
  • Level: 5 = 13000
  • Level: 6 = 18500
  • Level: 7 = 25000
  • Level: 8 = 32500

Once you have created your squad you can assign it to a settlement (you can assign the same squad to multiple settlements).

For that click on Designate Squads > Set Squad > (Choose your Squad)

If you want to call in the military aid click on “Deploy Squad”. Keep in mind that the squad of that settlement will be on cooldown before it can be called again.

Some Stuff – Some Random Notes

  1. You can call in Traders from your faction for free via the Comms Console
  2. Since the last update you can construct an Artillery Outpost wich you can use to call in artillery fire on your map.
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