RimWorld – [Never Escape] Bioferrite Farm Guide (Anomaly Expansion)

How to Setup [Never Escape] Bioferrite Farm

Heads up, there are spoilers for RimWorld Anomaly DLC here!

So, I found a way to set up a bioferrite farm that basically runs itself. Here’s the quick rundown:

Basic Setup

Build a Freezer: This is just a holding platform with coolers all around.

Catch a Toughspike: You can get these dudes from a summoning ritual or the Pit event.

Move it to the Freezer: Park it there and let it heal from any damage. If you don’t, it might die when it starts to freeze.

Freezing Process

Set the freezer to -99 degrees until the hypothermia hits about 60%. Then drop the temp to -49 degrees. This keeps the hypothermia steady so it won’t get better or worse.

Wait for frostbite to do its thing: It’ll knock out the left/right tentacle, so they can’t move anymore.

Move them back to containment: After that, they won’t try to escape.

    Extra Tips:

    • You don’t need to remove their arms, just the legs. I just like them to match because it looks better.
    • Watch out if you’re using Electroharvesters; they might accidentally kill your creatures by damaging their brains if left for too long.
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