Poly Bridge 2 – All Challenges Solutions for Pine Mountains (World 2)

This guide contains challenge solutions under budget and under stress for Glowing Gorge (World 2).

Guide to All Challenges Solutions in Pine Mountains

2-1: Unity

Both springs are 10% compressed.

2-2: Long Drawbridge

Each hydraulic is contracting by 50%.

2-3: Low Rider

2-4: Buggy Bouncer

2-5: Rockin’

2-6: Roundabout

Hydraulic is expanding by 50%. All springs are neutral.

2-7: Double Decker Highway

2-8: Split Level

Each hydraulic is expanding by 50%.

2-9: Anchors Away

2-12: Momentum

2-13: String Theory

2-14: Dip N’ Draw

Hydraulic is contracting by 50%.

2-15: Weight Distribution

Each spring is neutral.

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