Generation Zero – 100% Achievement and Collectable Guide (FNIX Rising DLC)

Achievements and collectables guide for FNIX Rising DLC in Generation Zero.

How to Get All Achievements and Collectables

Story-Related Achievements

The next achievements are gain by main story quests and pretty straightforward.

He’s Out There

  • Free the survivor in the destroyed villa during the mission “The Ringfort”.

Private Property

  • Complete the mission “Tidal Wave”.

Not Today, FNIX!

  • Defeat a Rival.

The Sum of its Parts

  • Complete the mission “Test Run”.

It’s Been Fun

  • Complete the mission “New Cycles”.

End of the Road

  • Complete the mission “Good Night”.

The next achievements are gain by side story quests and pretty straightforward.

Wheels of Fortune

  • Complete the side mission “In the Face of Adversity”.

We are the Resistance

  • Complete the side mission “We are the Resistance”.

Trial and Error

  • Complete the side mission “The Virus”.

For last 2 side quests check again mission warboard on main underground place with survivors in tunnels after completing the main story quests. Can’t say anything much about this achievements, they’re just obvious.

Other Achievements

From a Distance

  • Use a hunting or sniper rifle to destroy 15 Seekers.

Just like the description says, pretty obvious. Seekers are flying bots with noise generator.

Running Wild

  • Use a melee weapon to blow up 20 cars.

This DLC also include new melee weapons. Just search some weapon boxes on new rebranded locations of the DLC and you should find one. Be carefull while destroying the cars, even single explosion leaves you with only 20 hp left.

Collectables Achievement

The Ones That Came Before Us

  • Find all 20 “Survivor’s Notes” and “Love Letters” Collectibles.

List of all new collectables, with coordinates and screenshots.

*Screenshot for “The One” Love Letter may not be appropriate, i’m not sure where it was actually, i’ve wrote down the coordinates but forgot to take the screenshot -_- Use coordinates instead.

**For “Demolition” Survivor’s Note i got the screenshot only after i already picked it up. Its just on front of you on the table.

Love Letters

The One

  • -1782; 1004.

Another Castle

  • -1817; 1567.

My Person

  • -1290; 1593.

All I Can Think About

  • -516; 1610.


  • -9; 1301.


  • -473; 1274.

My Warmth

  • -856; 1237.

Morning Walks

  • 688; 1246.

No Little Games

  • -1015; 1914.


  • 64; 1972.

Survivor’s Notes


  • -4348; 1690.

Valuable Cargo

  • -3550; 2430.

“Engineer” mode

  • -2790; 2425.

Four Walls and a Roof

  • -2938; 2916.

Useful Information

  • -3526; 3281.

Smoke on the Horizon

  • -3068; 4075.

Hunting Mammoths

  • -3675; 3883.


  • -4565; 3681.

A New Decade

  • -5013; 4184.

Dear Survivor and Fellow Friend

  • -4874; 4799.

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