Crossout – How to Make Easy Money / Profit

A full guide about how to make money/profit in Crossout.


There are a lot of guides and posts on reddit about how to make money/profit but in this one i will simplify it so that you don´t spend 30 minutes reading it.

Methods of Making Money / Profit

  • Sell all the crates you win in missions/daily reward , if you open them you are probably going to get a item much cheaper than the crate. Play Safe. 
  • If you don´t play all time you can sell your fuel , you are not going to need it if you just play some hours. But if you only play raids , you can keep the fuel. 
  • If you don´t have sufecient money to craft you can sell your copper too , afterall , you are not going to need it. 
  • Sell your scrap and try to do it fast because right now (28/7/2017) the price of scrap if getting bigger because there is more players. I played this game before it was on Steam and scrap was a lot cheaper. Before it was on Steam , I sold 1000 scrap for 38$ , right now the price is 78$. 
  • Sell wires and eletronics if you don´t need them. 
  • Some items like (fuel/wire/copper/eletronics/scrap) change prices a lot , during those changes you can try to buy a lot of x10 materials and after the price change sell it in x100.Mind the sales tax. 
  • If you have money and materials needed you can craft items. If you don´t want to spend money renting a workbench you can follow the steps mentioned before. If you have money but you don´t have the materials you can invest in materials (only if you have a decent amount of money).

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