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Wish - Tips for the 10 Super Blocks Achievement

Written by 지나가는행인3   /   Jul 8, 2020    

Just some tips for the 10 super blocks achievement so you can get all achievements unlocked.

Just Some Tips for The 10 Super Blocks Achievement


Diadora has the skill that creates special blocks that makes her immune to the damage, and this is the key for the challenge.

For the active items, I equipped the 80% heal and 2 block changers. For the passive items, I equipped the items that aren't attack or magic damage enhancers. If you've come this far of the story, it shouldn't be that much of a hassle to get full stats.


1. Right from the start to the end, look carefully for: (unless you are in the fever mode).


1 - 1

If another another A is adjacent to an O, obviously you just make the super block right away.

1 - 2

If there's no other A that is adjacent to O, just crash the blocks that won't affect the A's placements but would give you the chance to make the super block later.

If A's placements get destroyed by some other factors like unexpected combos, that's just a sign of bad luck. But doing this will give you more chance than randomly crashing things.

2. If you don't see any of those patterns try to look for the ones that you can build up.

With this example, if the heal blocks get destroyed, I would get AAOAA with the magic blocks.

Now, I have situation I explained in 1 - 2, so I will just destroy the fever blocks.

And there you go!

3. If you don't see any of those patterns or other placements that you can build up, than it's better to crash the fever blocks than other ones. With full stats, it's pretty easy to get into the fever modes.

4. If you are in a fever mode, don't think too long because you have limited time and it doesn't take up the attack turns. I personally go for the fever blocks again when I'm in the fever mode, because if you are lucky enough, you will get an instant follow-up fever mode by fulling up the gauge.

5. When Diadora use the skill, creating the special blocks, use it wisely so you can control her health.

6. During half way, when you have nothing to build up, use the block changer items.

Game:   Wish