Undertale – How to Get Infinite Money (PC / PS4 and Switch)

How to get infinite money on Undertale without save file changing which means it works on consoles as well.

Infinite Money Guide

What You Need

  • You need to have found the Temmie Village.
  • I recommend having the phone that Alphys gave you to use it as a box, but you could use the boxes near the places.

What to Do

  • Head over to Gerson’s shop, and buy Cloudy Glasses.
  • Buy enough cloudy glasses to fill up your inventory and the box (boxes if you got Alphys phone).
  • Head over to the Temmie Village.
  • Start selling all the Cloudy Glasses you got from Gerson.
  • Repeat at will.

How It Works

If you buy Cloudy Glasses from Gerson, they cost 30G. If you sell them to the Tem Shop, you get 50G, plus whatever bonus (the bonuses happen once every nine times I believe), so you can get infinite money from this. I suggest using this to pay for tem college so you can get the Tem Aromor which is the best armor in game, or use this to buy stuff from muffets bake sale to avoid that fight (if you buy something from her in hotland, you wont get into the fight).

Written by kizzys416

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  1. If she says oo youve got item, and that she wants it but needs to pay for college, say no once, then yes for me it went from 51 to 65 and then i accidentally said no again and she said you will regret this or something

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