Undertale – Infinite Gold Exploit

This will show you how to turn the temmie village into infinite gold glitch.

How to Exploit Temmie Village for Infinite Gold

Locating Temmie Village

To locate temmie village go to the puzzle where you need to light up mushrooms to create a bridge and take this path.

Temmie Genocide

(If you are pacifist this section should actually be called temmie persuasion).

Every 50 steps when you walk in the puzzle that the temmie village is in you can find a special enemy called a “temmie” which are pretty easy to defeat and drop 60-100 gold.

Temmies can be killed in pacifist by selecting the “flex” action in act which will cause aaron to move in, to remove him select the “flex” option in the act.

Note that this is not what a temmie normally looks like and it is just extremely bugged.

Dog Residue

In the temmie shop you can find a “sell” option which unlike other shops actually works.

Using an item called “dog residue” that fills up your inventory with dog residue, you can sell it forever and ever, however it sells for only around 1 to 3 gold and is arguably worse than just defeating a temmie for 60 or 80 gold.

The Temmie Armor

The temmie armor is probably one of the best armors as it heals you mid fight and you take way less damage, it can be unlocked by purchasing an item in the temmie shop called “tem pay 4 colleg”.

When this is bought the temmie armor will be in the shop which is priced based off of how much in the die, usually in the thousands.

This price can be reduced by dying, which you can do by walking around alot and not doing anything in fights, if you have not killed undyne, you can get killed by her a bunch of times which is what I did.

After you get the temmie armor down to around 1000 or 750 you can use dog residue or farm temmies for a few hours and obtain the temmie armor.

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