Undertale – How to Do True Pacifist Route

This is a guide for how to do true pacifist route, all of the other guides I’ve seen have been unclear, confusingly worded, or just plain wrong.

True Pacifist Route Guide


Alright first, I’ve seen a lot of guides for this but none of them have been entirely correct, the most common mistake I’ve seen is that you MUST have previously completed a neutral run of the game, this is half true for reasons I will explain later.

I will not explain the individual boss or enemy fights.

What Is Necessary

There are no requirements before going for pacifist, if you have previously completed a genocide run, your true pacifist ending will be tainted, but this will not affect completion.

Guide by Area


You can start as you would any ordinary run through the game, as long as you do not kill anyone it’s good, buying a spider doughnut from the bake sale makes muffet easier but is not required, taking the butterscotch pie will make asgore easier but is also not necessary


AS long as you have still not killed anyone, there is nothing to note except the snowman and papyrus, take the snowman piece, it is a very good healing item and will add flavor text to the ending if not used. Papyrus can be beaten either by sparing until you exhaust his attacks, or dying three times.

Papyrus hangout/date: You can’t mess this up, your choices are meaningless, if you flirted with papyrus before sparing him then it will be called a date


Again, if you’ve killed anyone you fail. when papyrus calls you to ask what you’re wearing you can say whatever you want, the outcome is the same. Rescue the monster kid, really just do, I’m not sure if you have to but you would be a terrible person not to. After the undyne fight pour water on her and go to hotland to use the riverboat.

Undyne Hangout

Go back to undynes house in waterfall to hang out, you have to talk to papyrus to start, however he will not be there unless you have completed the hangout with him, he will show up if you hang out with him even if you already fought undyne. The only choice that matters is to fake hit undyne at the mock battle after her house burns down.


You get the point about killing people by now I hope. If you use the spider donut during the muffet fight she will spare you, if you don’t then you just have to survive until you exhaust her attacks.

Buying food from the MTT resort can be helpful for mettaton fight but is not necessary.

New Home

Ignore everything I’ve told you, attempt to slaughter asgore, if you use the pie while fighting him he will be weakened.

Omega Flowey

Yeah just fight him as normal and then spare him.

At this point I will note that everything you’ve done until now is considered a pacifist run, though you did fight the boss of the neutral route, being flowey.

Post Game

You have to reload the game, flowey will tell you to talk to alphys, ignore him and go to snowdin as undyne tells you to do on your way back from the core to MTT resort. Take the letter from undyne to alphys’ lab, slide it under the door. You get to date alphys now, your choices in the date are again meaningless. after the date go back to the lab and enter the “bathroom” find the keys and put them in their slots, hit the switch and go back up the elevator, try to fight asgore again.

Fight the final boss and you’re done.

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