Gunfire Reborn – Beginners Guide

A simple “How-to” guide explaining everything you need to know starting off without all the bs.

A Guide to New Players

Starting Off

When you play your first game you won’t actually be able to join multiplayer games right off the start so you’ll have to learn by yourself. It should be noted that your primary weapon levels up with your character’s stats throughout the game, so if you run out of ammo on the guns you pick up throughout the levels you can always switch back to your primary weapon.

Step 1

Aim for the head. Headshots do crit damage and it would be a waste to shoot anywhere else.

Step 2

Shoot at pots/crates as they contain ammo and grenades/bombs.

Step 3

Shoot at cracks in the walls, they hide hidden challenge rooms where you can get extra scrolls and loot.

Step 4

Choosing scrolls; Look over each scroll and determine which you would like to progress with, Progressing scrolls to max (3/3) enables extra abilities and have higher percentage chances than lower scrolls.

Step 5

When choosing the weapon you want to play with know that the further you go on the higher the chance of better weapons spawning. Save your coins and utilize your skills so that you can upgrade before the final Boss round.

Boss Rounds

Boss 1

This Boss will charge at you and hit you at close range, or shoot you with fire at long range. He will also summon enemies that explode. Make sure you are constantly moving and watching out for red zone areas he lunges at you with. When he gets low on health he runs back and heals his shield while summoning enemies towards you. TIP: throw grenades while hes healing to get rid of most of his healing. Keep moving and hit your shots and you should be able to pass this level.

Boss 2

This Boss will first shoot fire in either clockwise or counterclockwise motion. He will always attack you first and move, make sure to move the opposite direction and hit crit shots. After you remove most of his health the rest of the round he will either shoot acid at you, move around and try to hit you, or smash the ground and do tidal waves. Make sure you jump ahead of time if its the tidal waves because you will continue to get hit if you don’t time it right. When he is shooting acid get crit damage and he will go down in health faster.

Boss 3

If you get past Boss 2 go read another guide, Boss 3 is another guide in itself and this is just a beginners guide.


Okay we will make this short.

After you die you will have gained “soul”, the further you go and more enemies you kill the more soul you gain. At the start you should utilize every last soul you obtain because you cannot take any back with you. Choose wisely because you have to grind hard once you start leveling up. Eventually you can purchase an inventory that allows you to take soul back with you (500). Keep playing and keep leveling up and the first 2 Bosses become a breeze. Eventually the last Boss will become easier to beat but keep playing to get stronger!

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