Blightbound – How to Get Bloodstick, Chars and Recruit Kujuk

Guide to Get Things

How do you “usually” get chars

2 ways:

  • By rescuing survivors, sometime you’ll find a hero instead on specific maps.
  • By recruiting the merchant first, and then using the “Refresh goods next run”, to make them appear.

How to get Kujuk, the Time Mage

You can recruit Kujuk, the Time Mage by playing For Whom the Bells Tolls in the Gravemark in Tough difficulty or above.

He’s one of the survivor you can rescue.

How to get that freakin’ Bloodstick (Scarlet Personnal Quest)

Once on Chapter 3 of your personnal quest, you must first find an urn in the Gravemark level : Darkness Embrace. The urn is in Ronan’s Crypt, accessible at the bottom middle part of the level.

It, then, unlocks the Chapter 4, where you have to kill the Writhing Oracle, also in Gravemark : For Whom the Bell Tolls level.

After that you can then proceed to actually craft her weapon Bloodrain.

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