Blasphemous – Requiem Aeternam Achievement Loadout Tips

This is equipment loadout suggestion to make it easier to get the Requiem Aeternam achievement in Blasphemous.

How to Obtain Requiem Aeternam Achievement Easy (Tips)

Loadout Suggestion

Rosary Beads

  • Big Toe and Little Toe Made of Limestone: these have made the character much faster, easier to dodge blows and close the gap when I got too far from the boss. Especially against quick bosses like Quirce and Esdras.
  • Dove skull/ Ember of the Holy Cremation/ Silver Grape: Use the first ones until you get the third and after that, go with the latter ones.

Depending on the boss, you might unequip the one of the general defensive gear to equip Amber Eye (vs lightning), Quirce’s Scorching Bead (vs fire), Wicker Knot (vs poison) or the Seashell of Inverted Spire for the versatility.

  • Frozen Olive: this is a big one, I’d say it’s one of the most important items for this loadout. Since you can’t use flasks and the Saeta Dolorosa prayer is the only way to regain HP, getting extra defense makes a huge difference when you’re low, helping a lot to withstand damage as you recover HP with the Saeta lifesteal.
  • Token of Appreciation: DLC item gained by donating 10k tears to the Albero church, this helps increasing your damage when the flasks are empty. Therefore, just empty all your flasks at the last Prie Dieu before the boss, so you won’t risk using them during the fight as you activate this bead by getting a good damage boost.
  • Knot of Hair: one of the few damage boosting rosary beads along with the one mentioned above, I’d say it’s certainly useful taking it to boss battles.
  • Consecrated Amethyst: since most bosses use magical damage and this is best defensive item against such source, it’s an excellent pick.

Mea Culpa skills

The most important skill is the sword lunge with at least level two upgrade for the extra distance coverage although the three levels are recommended for jumping bosses like Quirce or Crisanta. The basic 4 hit combo is the second most important skill as I didn’t need or use the uppercut/ spinning combo finishes. The blood projectile might be useful for some fights, especially if it’s on max level though I’ve always saved my fervor to use the Saeta prayer. I didn’t use the sword drop or the charged sword cut in any of the boss fights, by the way.

Mea Culpa Hearts

I didn’t use any of them until I’ve got the Heart of Saltpeter Blood which worked best for my build. Having the Frozen Olive Bead along with Knot of Hair and Token of Appreciation made my attacks incredibly strong when I was low on HP, considering all my flasks were already emptied before the fight so I could recover myself very quickly with few blows using the Saeta Dolorosa prayer. Some might want to use the Heart of Virtuous Pain until the Heart of Saltpeter Blood comes up if you have trouble to block attacks but I didn’t use any. Just remember the Heart of the Holy Purge glitches the achievement, so never use this one.


Before getting the Saeta Dolorosa, I’ve used Seguiriya to Your Eyes like Stars and Solea of Excommunication for some bosses like Ten Piedad or Tres Agustias as Viridiana healed me when I was low HP. After getting Saeta, everything got much easier. Saeta is the way to go!

That’s pretty much what I had to say. I’m not gonna get into map route details or boss fights strategies because I think there is a lot about it on the internetz, I just had a little trouble to decide what to take to the fights but now I’m pretty satisfied with this build.

Written by GreenBeetle

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