Terraria – Secret Seeds Guide (Update 1.4)

Here are all the secret seeds that were added with update 1.4.

Guide to Secret Seeds

Drunk World

Seed 05162020 – is an Easter egg created by the developers in update

In this world, you can see unusual generation, find exclusive items and hear music that is different from the original.


  1. When generating the world, all text will be replaced with random numbers.
  2. When generating the world, the loading bar will change from distorted to crimson.
  3. When generating the world, there will be a mushroom biome background instead of the usual.
  4. In the world selection menu, the tree on the icon of this world will be half distorted, half crimson.
  5. When generating the world, there will be a moment with the moon in the form of a smile.
  6. The clouds will be in the shape of the face of Redigit, the main developer of the game.
  7. When generating the world, random numbers are replaced for a few seconds with the message: “Setting traps”.

World Generation

  • Both corruption and crimson will be generated in the world.
  • A “forest” will be generated in the world from several giant trees standing close to each other.
  • All floating islands are generated near the snow or desert biome.


  • Loot in giant tree chests is much improved, and there may be exclusive items: Moon Lord’s legs, red potion (about 8-10 trees to the left of the spawn in a small world, probably).
  • Instead of a guide, a party girl will appear in the world.
  • In the forest during the day, music from Terraria: Otherworld will play.


It will be located underground.

The location can be recognized by the giant tree with yellow leaves on the right side of the map. (left, to generate a big world).


  • The entrance is generated as for the dungeon located on the left side of the map.
  • There are only two biome chests: jungle and snowy.
  • The trunk of the tree extends to the very top of the dungeon.
  • It has no entrance as such: it is completely covered with dungeon bricks on all sides.

Jungle Temple

  • Unlike the usual generation, the lizard brick will not be brown, but green.
  • If you break a brick, then it will take on the usual texture, placing it will be brown.

Bee World

Seed not the bees – is the second Easter egg from the developers in update

There is a special generation in this world.


  1. During the generation of the world there will be an inscription Generating bees.
  2. There will be a merchant instead of a guide.
  3. Now cocoons with larvae will be spawned all over the world.
  4. Rivers of honey will flow around the world.
  5. All biomes are replaced with jungle.
  6. Water changed to honey.
  7. Almost all blocks are changed to honeycomb except for jungle and distortion (crimzone).
  8. Closer to hell, the honeycomb will change to crunchy honey.
  9. The palette of dungeon blocks has been changed to yellow.
  10. Ocean sand changed to honey blocks.
  11. Only hell and pieces of the mushroom biome were left untouched.

Dostoiniy Mir

Seed for the worthy

The world creation screen will look a little strange: instead of the usual text, the game will show rambling sets of letters (This is actually just the mirrored text you know when you generate a normal world).

Features of the world

Many of the rules for creating the world are complicated, and some simply present you with a different test.

The list of changes is as follows:

  • For starters, instead of the Guide at the first entrance you will be greeted by another NPC, Demoman.
  • Some water sources, even in the upper levels of the world, can be replaced with lava.
  • Be careful when breaking the jugs: if there are bombs in them, you will not be able to lift them, as they will immediately catch fire and explode in a couple of seconds!
  • Monsters do much more damage and have more health. Bosses also have twice the health, and some have been resized. For example, the Wall of Flesh has become smaller, and the Skeletron has become larger! And as another inconvenience, the developers made it so that Skeletron Prime’s bombs destroy blocks when they explode.
  • Spider nests, marble and granite caves, and glowing mushroom biomes will be much more common.
  • Flying islands are now always affected by corruption or bloody biome (depending on your “bad biome”), and the chests on them are replaced with locked gold ones, like in the Skeletron dungeon. A reference to the old days!
  • Speaking of the dungeon, it is filled with even more thorns and for some reason looks with its exit towards the ocean.
  • Just like in the world of Drunk World, the Jungle Temple is made of green blocks and is much larger than usual.
  • Hell has become much more dangerous: blocks of ash can collapse when destroyed nearby, and also splash lava. All demons fly with a voodoo doll in their paws, and houses are built of red-hot bricks.
  • The only advantage: in the loot you can find Red Potions, which, unlike using them in any other world, are still useful in this seed. After drinking the Red Potion, you will receive 3 random buffs for half an hour!
  • Another small bonus: all blocks break twice as fast.
  • All rabbits are filled with explosives! Better not to touch these once harmless animals anymore.
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