Terraria – Pets Guide

Guide of Pets

Basic Pets

So First things first, Lets start off with rare pets.

Amber mosquito

  • Buff tip – A Baby dinosaur is following you.
  • This dinosaur is quite rare, You get it from the extractinator and it has a literal 0.01% chance from desert fossils, I once got it and didnt realize how rare this thing was.

Eucalyptus sap

  • Buff tip – A sugar glider is following you.
  • This is another rare one, You get it by chopping trees and only then its a 0.1% chance to drop from a tree, So this is kinda rare but not as rare as the dinosaur.

Now moving on to actual basic pets.

Eater’s Bone

  • Buff tip – A baby Eater of Souls is following you.
  • This is not to be confused with the writhing remains which summons a baby eater of worlds, this summons a eater of souls.

Bone Rattle

  • Buff tip – A baby face monster is following you.
  • This is a baby face monster, as you can tell by the buff tool tip, Its quite adorable if you like the crismon for some reason.

Baby Grinch’s Mischief Whistle

  • Buff tip – A baby grinch is following you.
  • Never knew the grinch could time travel to be a baby, Anyways this is quite little and quite baby.


  • Buff tip – It thinks you are its mother.
  • A little hornet, stinging like a bee, shooting its stingers, to sting its stingers, like a wonderful little hornet.

Slice of Hell Cake

  • Buff tip – Just wait till his terrible twos!
  • A little shadow imp, found in shadow chests, hellstone crates, or obsidian crates.

Fish (Item, Not quest fish)

  • Buff tip – I think it wants your fish.
  • This is found in the ice biome, rarely in frozen chests and from fishing! Cute little penguin.

Bamboo Leaf

  • Buff tip – A baby red panda is following you.
  • How cute, a little red panda! This one, im not actually sure how to get at all.

Bone Key

  • Buff tip – Don’t even ask…
  • How did you even manage to get this… Anyways if you have this you probably cheated it in since it drops from dungeon guardians.

Toy Sled

  • Buff tip – A baby snowman is following you.
  • I love winter, And i love snow. This makes for a perfect combined pet for me.
Written by Flamezy


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