Mafia: Definitive Edition – 100% Achievements / Trophies Guide

This is a full achievement guide for the Definitive Edition of Mafia.

Complete Achievement Guide

Unmissable Achievements

A Chase through the Night

  • Completed “An Offer You Can’t Refuse”

The Back Streets of Little Italy

  • Completed “Running Man”

The Way this City Works

  • Completed “Molotov Party”

Gangs of Lost Heaven

  • Completed “Ordinary Routine”

Neighborhood Hero

  • Completed “Fair Play”

Good Night for a Walk Anyways

  • Completed “Sarah”

Storm Cloud over Chinatown

  • Completed “Better Get Used to It”

Murder in the House of God

  • Completed “The Saint and the Sinner”

Your Canuck Cousins

  • Completed “A Trip to the Country”

Rat in the House

  • Completed “Omerta”

Blood on Beech Hill

  • Completed “Visiting Rich People”

Best Laid Plans

  • Completed “Great Deal”

The Day the War Began

  • Completed “Bon Appétit”

Death on the Water

  • Completed “Happy Birthday”

When God Stops Smiling

  • Completed “You Lucky …”

The Day the War Ended

  • Completed “Crème de la Crème”

A View from the Top

  • Completed “Election Campaign”

Into the Lion’s Den

  • Completed “Just For Relaxation”

That Last Big Score

  • Completed “Moonlighting”

Friends and Family

  • Completed “The Death of Art”

Miscellaneous Achievements

Story Mode Specific Achievements

These are achievements that need to be completed during specific chapters of the main story.


  • Won the race

The race is during chapter 5, ‘Fair Play’. The difficulty of the race scales off of the difficulty you’re playing the game at, I finished first pretty easily at medium difficulty, so that or easy work best. I have a video under the ‘difficulty achievements’ tab showing you how I beat the race on classic difficulty.

Not Classy

  • Took Paulie to a Place of Disrepute

You can get this achievement just after the one above. To unlock it you need to take Paulie to the brothel instead of dropping him home after the race.

Heat from the Cops

  • Lost the cops after accruing a five star police chase

I got this achievement during chapter 17, ‘Election Campaign’ after leaving the prison you should have a 5 star wanted level (if not just keep shooting officers until you get 5 stars). I found the easiest method to lose my wanted level was to steal a car and drive for a little bit then get out and run the rest of the way, as the police will lose you pretty fast on foot.

Free Roam Achievements

These achievements can be completed during the main game however I would recommend doing them in the free roam mode you can find on the main menu.

Lined Pockets

  • Paid a fine to the Lost Heaven Police Department

To unlock this achievement you need to commit a non-violent crime (such as speeding or destroying property) in front of a police officer, then get out of the car and they will give you a ticket and you’ll unlock this achievement.

Not Taken In

  • Resisted arrest by the Lost Heaven Police Department

For this achievement you need to be wanted level 2, the easiest way I found to get there is just running someone over. When the police come to arrest you, during the animation of your arrest you’ll get a chance to press the dodge button (left alt on pc). Pressing this button will get you the achievement.

Car Enthusiast

  • Lockpicked 5 cars on the streets of Lost Heaven and environs

Easy achievement, you unlock the lockpick during chapter 4, just walk around the city and use v (on pc) to lockpick any of the cars parked on the street, do this 5 times and the achievement is yours.

That Motor can Move

  • Reached 50mph while driving the Bolt Ace

For this achievement, select the Bolt Ace from your garage then drive it a long this route of the Giullani Bridge and you should get the achievement easily.

Stunt Rider

  • Performed a wheelie for 3 seconds

To get this achievement you need to hold w + space, then let go of space and hold ‘,’ to lean back and perform a wheelie.

Quite the Collection

  • Collected 15 vehicles in the Garage

Motor Museum

  • Collected 30 vehicles in the Garage

You should unlock the achievement to collect 15 vehicles in the garage just through playing the main story, to get the remaining vehicles all you need to do is steal them, sitting in a vehicle for a few seconds will add it to your garage. The vehicles need to be unique to count for the total, so steal every different type at least once. (The 5 hidden vehicles count towards this total too.)

Collectible Achievements

Family History

  • Found a ‘Gangsters of the United States’ cigarette card

Full Set

  • Found all ‘Gangsters of the United States’ cigarette cards

Pulp Fiction

  • Found a Pulp Magazine

Lending Library

  • Found all Pulp Magazines

Comic Violence

  • Found a copy of Gangsters Monthly

Picture Book Connoisseur

  • Found all copies of Gangsters Monthly

Mystery Fox Discovered

  • Found a Mystery Fox

Mystery Fox Domination

  • Found all Mystery Foxes

On the Trail

  • Found a hidden car

Car Thief Number One

  • Found all of the hidden cars

The Whole Story

  • Completed the Collection

Difficulty Achievements

A Life of Crime

  • Completed the game on Easy, Medium, or Hard difficulty

Made Man

  • Completed the game on Classic difficulty

Classic difficulty isn’t too hard, the only part I really struggled with was the race. I recommend doing it with a controller. My trick was to let go of the accelerator and tap the ram button during turns as it makes your turns a lot easier to control for some reason. If you don’t have access to a controller I would recommend rebinding the ram key from F to something else like spacebar to make it easier to hit.

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