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Mafia: Definitive Edition - All Unlockable Outfits

Written by hiyski   /   Sep 28, 2020    

Guide to finding all outfits for Thomas Angelo. Outfits can only be found in freeride mode. Boxes are scattered all over the world, you must find them and interact with the box to add the costume to your wardrobe. Also, some costumes are issued for completing additional quests. Costumes can be changed at the Salieri’s Bar.

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All Unlockable Outfits

Side Missions

To start doing all these missions - read the letters "from a Friend". The letters in Salieri's bar. Go to the place marked in the screenshots, take a phone call from a phone booth. The side missions will start automatically.


To collect all the outfits in this section, need to arrive at the marker on the map (left screenshots) and pick up outfits from the box. The box is marked on the right screenshots.

Written by hiyski.