Space Crew – Primary, Secondary and Third Class Meta

Hello Everyone this is a small guide of Crew Class that I’ve felt comfortable with once I reached the mid game. If you are wondering why I said 3rd class, well…. thanks to the new holster mechanic you have a 3rd option to boost your character abilities.

I’ve considered it the Dual Trinity concept; lets explain what each class has for secondary and the Holster which acts like a 3rd Support class.

Main Captain Is Using: Comms / Personal Shield

If in an emergency that the Comms Officer is defending and the ship is cloaked I can in an emergency trigger the call for support or auto tag all enemy fighters. I run the Personal Shield to resist any shots if for some reason the enemy alien reaches the front (I might even consider turning the captain as a security officer just in case I need to run shields overdrive instead)

Main Comms Officer Is Using: Security Officer / Revive Tool

Your main comms is your eyes outside but due to having more free time to move after either all enemies have been targeted and ship support has been called, they tend to be doing very few compared. In this current meta for this guide, the comms is the back of the ship security officer while the main protects the captain if the invaders do come into contact. Due to the comms officer grabbing the gun in the front of the ship its the reason I run the revive tool as they are in charge in reviving any fallen crew in the back.

Main Engineer Is Using: Weapons Officer / Engineering Tool

Engi will be switching to guns a lot of the time which is why weapons officer is the way to go, the engineering tool is a given as this main engi will be in charge of repairing most of the ships problems, remember to always have the gravity boots as they will also spend a lot of time outside to fix the engine.

Main Security Officer Is Using: Weapons Officer / Phase Pistol

The main weapons officer I found it to spend so much time in the front that its going to be either gunning or protecting the Captain as a body guard, the phase pistol is just as backup if for some reason the main guns are being used or they get jettisoned by mistake a gun will be handy.

1rst (Mid Ship) Weapons Officer Is Using: Engineer / Engineering Tool

This weapons officer will be swapping or hopping a lot with main engi which is why this is using the engineering tool. In an emergency were the main Engi has to go outside this mid weapons officer can move to the reactor to fix it or change the pips or boost in an emergency.

2nd (Back Ship) Weapons Officer Is Using: Engineer and Personal Cloak

This Weapons officer will spend 95% of the time in the back gun due to being closest to danger is the reason while I run Personal Cloak as the aliens board the ship they will least likely target the first person they see the back gunner. Normally with the current setup as long as they are full health you should be able to vent the invaders without killing the officer

I’ve also color coded my crew:

  • Pilot is Silver/Gray
  • Security Team is Black
  • Engi/Gunner team is Yellow

Crew Skills / Class and Dual Trinity

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  1. Dual classed crew members level up slower, so you may want to postpone giving the Captain and the Weapons officers second classes until they are level 12. They aren’t going to use their second classes much anyway.

    After the Comms officer gains a few levels in Security I use him to click the buttons on the Security station. The only one that takes long is the Shield Overcharge, but it makes you invulnerable, so I can live without scanners for that long. At that point I also put the 5th gunner in the front, because that gun has better firing arcs. The Original security officer goes to the bottom turret instead.

    If I need both the Comms and Security station or I need a skill that the Comms guy doesn’t have it will take a wee bit longer, but it is rarely needed anyway.

    As for holsters, my 6th gunner has the cloak, so boarders will ignore him and the engineer has the repair tool. Anyone else never used whatever I gave them.

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