Raft – How to Obtain Former Glory Achievement

This guide explains how to get Former Glory achievement.

Former Glory Achievement Guide

Disclaimer: You need to have caravan town to do this achievement.


So for this it says something along the lines of “the four pieces united” witch isn’t that help full I myself have this achievement and this is how to get it.

Step 1

First you need the metal detector from caravan town it will glow with all bulbs on it if you are on top of treasure.

Step 2

Second you will need to dig with a shovel on this spot,remember ii is not guaranted that it will be a tiki piece

Step 3

Third after doing this (on islands,small island gives 1 treasure per island and giant islands give. For a while you will get 4 tiki totem pieces, they need to be placed on each other in a specific order,you can use my image or you can look on their forhead and bottom,match the colours (if there is no colour on top / bottom then it top / bottom piece) and then it will spin if you did it right and you will get the achievement,also pick up the tower for a secret item.

Upon picking up the totem you will get a tiki mask.

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