Hiveswap – Gameplay Walkthrough (Act 2)

Full Walkthrough

The Intro

The game starts off from where the first game ends in which Joey and Xefros are riding on the deercat lusus. After a while, Joey and Xefros stop at a train station far away from Xefros’ Neighborhood (which has been attacked by the Empress Trizza). Xefros gives Joey Dammek’s sweater in order to hide her human identity on the planet Alternia. The main plan of the two is to meet up with Cridea, a fan of The Grubbles who is helping Dammek and Xefros rebel against the Empress. Apparently Cridea is hosting a huge party called Jeevik Week that everyone is going to (due to her being violet blood which is super influential on their planet) meaning that Xefros and Joey will have to buy a train ticket in order to get to the party and meet with Cridea.

  • When you use the ticket machine (The bars with lights), sadly you won’t be able to buy a ticket.
  • Head to the left side where you will see two trolls standing outside the cafe and talk with them
  • After you talk with them, head into the cafe to find a way to operate the ticket machine.
  • Sadly you won’t get a ticket as Trizza has sent drones to the cafe and launches missiles in the area causing Joey and Xefros to lose conscious ending the introduction of the game.

The Mountains

What a nice DeerCat, after the explosions, Dammek’s lusus has dragged Joey and Xefros up to the mountains away from the train station.


  • Head to the right where you see a big bug on top of a trash pile
  • Achievement: Click on the water and choose swim and when Xefros ask if you are ready, say yes. This will activate an event where Xefros goes into the water to swim, however he gets hit with a fish dragging Joey into the water crashing into the dam and falling down the waterfall unlocking the Gone Swimming Achievement and causing a game over.
  • On the right side, there should be a cave opening, head in there.
  • Once inside, Joey will try to Xefros, however he is unable to be comfortable around Joey due to her lack of horns. The next mission at hand is to find Joey some makeshift horns to wear as you won’t be able to move further until you get the horns. You will lose the bent spoon here as the two kids don’t wanna steal so free gift.
  • To obtain some horns, head back outside and click on the trash pile on the right which will activate an event where Xefros will dig through the trash and takes out some traffic cones that are shaped like horns
  • Once you have obtain the horns, head back into the cave to the right side and click to head deeper into the cave.

The Farm

After exiting the cave, Joey and Xefros will arrive outside a small farm noting that the nearest train station is nearby.

  • Head all the way to the right and click exit. However, Xefros will stop you and say that the forest is dangerous (Dammek told him) unless you smell of nature.
  • Head over to the farm house and use Xefros telekinesis to unlock the door entering the farm house.
  • Once inside, you will see an enormous bee lusus on the left side which will be your key of smelling of nature. However, it can’t do anything unless you do a dance for it. There is a book on top the shelve that is your key to learning a dance. Use Xefros telekinesis to bring the book down and switch to Joey so she can learn the dance. You can use the dance on the bee, only for it to fail as Joey does not look a troll, here is where the makeshift horns come in.
  • Achievement: Choosing a specific horn will decide the achievement you will earn. If you decide on the Traffic cones, you will unlock the Traffic Cone Costume . But if you choose the combs that are in the farm house to use as horns, you will unlock the Cornucopia Disguise. (I chose a different horn in both game to unlock the achievement, but I think there are those who save before and choose a different horn then).
  • With Joey now equipped with horns, you can now do the bee dance to the lusus activating a mini game
  • The minigame is played like a rhythm game. A bee will land on a spot and the closer it is to the middle the more filled the gauge will fill. The game can be played in two ways, one way is by hovering the cursor over the spot once the bee is nearby or the other way in which you use the O K M and Q A Z keys on the keyboard and click once the bee lands in the middle.
  • After completing the mini game, the bee lusus will “kindly” spray Joey and Xefros with pheromone that smells like nature, completing the quest and letting you now pass through the right side out of the forest.

The Train Station

Joey and Xefro has finally arrived at the train station where you will need to grab a ticket and catch a train to get to Jeevik week.

  • Head over to the terminal that is under the two large LED signs to grab a ticket. OH NO, the machine has locked you out due to Joey’s blood which is not identified on their planet.
  • After the incident, you will have to find other method on getting tickets. You won’t be able to get a ticket from anyone in the main area so head to the right side to the platform.
  • On the platform, there are 4 trolls you can talk to who can help you get tickets on the train Chixie, Zebruh, Elwurd, and the wonderful Marvus.
  • Talk with Elwurd who will tell you that they have fake tickets to trade only if you can gain a real ticket to trade in (because 1 real ticket is worth 2 fake tickets apparently)
  • There are only two trolls who you can get real tickets from Chixie and Zebruh (Maruvs won’t give his up as he is a performer for Jeevik week)
  • For Zebruh, he will have you on a mission to get him to stardom having you get a autograph from Marvus and then asking you to give Marvus a sample of his mixtape. Marvus will then call Zebruh over telling him that he got talent and to give up his ticket to attend auditions in which Zebruh says he isn’t confident. To boost that confidence, use Xefros and the autotune mic on Zebruh to boost his confidence and gives up his ticket.
  • At this point you can head over to Elwurd and trade for the fake tickets, or you can try for another real ticket by talking with Chixie.
  • If you head to Elwurd, they reveal that they won’t take your real ticket for the fake, instead they will ask you to trade in your worthless pogs for another real ticket that they managed to get. I recommend to not trade your pogs as these will be essential for later
  • If you choose to go for real tickets, head over to Chixie and talk with her. She will reveal that she is actually a underground protester and that at Jeevik week she will stage a protest going against the Empress. You can choose not to stop her which leads you back to Elwurd, or you can stop her from going and obtaining her ticket. Head over to Elwurd and tell them about how Chixie will be staging a protest in which Elwurd will help you out convincing her to not go. Head back to Chixie with Elwurd following behind who convinces her to give her ticket up.
  • With two real tickets, all you have to do now is click on the gate and wait for the train to arrive.

The Rust Blood Car

You finally got on the train heading to Jeevik week to meet with Cridea when you get a message on the tablet. Fiamet, a fellow tetrarch of Dammeks has revealed to know that Joey is human and that you only have 11 days until Alternia and Earth will come to an end. Cridea also messages revealing that they know Joey is human as well and that at the rate the train is going it will take 3 weeks to get there, which they don’t have time for. Mission activated, get to the engine room and speed up the train to get to the party faster.

  • You will start in the rust blood area, where your goal is to head up the train, head over to the right side to move forward.
  • However, the mop troll Marati will be blocking your only way of passing through unless you give them a good reason why you need to go through.
  • Head all the way to the left where you will meet Skylla, the lusus wrangler, who informs you that her lusus is sick and she needs medicine to help it recover. Joey offers to ask around for the medicine in which Skylla is greatful. Talk with her again to tell her how Marati is blocking the way unless you have a good reason, in which Skylla will vouch for you to get medicine for the lusus.
  • Head back to the right and tell Marati the reason, which she responds that she was only joking and that she was going to let you through anyway.
  • With that, you have completed the Rust Blood Car.

The Gold and Olive Car

You have moved up to the next car where the gold and olive bloods sit.

  • Before heading all the way to the right, I recommend that you talk with all interactive trolls Folykl and Kuprum, Cirava, Polypa, and Boldir (not mandatory to talk to but if you want)
  • They will all tell you how two trolls Konyyl and Ardaja have been arguing since the train left. This is bad for you as they are blocking the right side to proceed to the next cart.
  • Head all the way to the right in attempt to talk with them in order to pass through, which they don’t even hear as they are focused on their argument. Time to break it up.
  • Talk with Polypa who you will ask to help break up the two in order to pass through. Polypa accepts your request, however she can only handle Konyyl as Ardaja can use his psionics powers to stun her. You will need to find a troll who can drain energy, lucky for you they are in the same car.
  • Head all the way to the left to Folykl and Kuprum and talk with them to help break up the argument. Folykyl will be the troll for the job as they live off of draining energy.
  • Once gaining the dream team, head all the way right and initiate the distraction. You did it, they are distracted and you can pass through NOT
  • The plan fails as the two trolls overpower the Polypa and Folykl and confront you as you are about to exit the train. Ardaja will demand that you strife against him in order to pass. Once ready, just click on his and STRIFE.
  • All you need to do is switch to Joey and dance at him. You are not suppose to win that I am aware of so if Joey gets knocked down don’t worry.
  • The strife ends and they solved their argument letting you pass through completing the Gold and Olive car.

The Jade and Teal Car

You’re almost there, just a few cars more. Here’s where you can get some more achievements depending on what path you choose.

  • The trolls you will encounter here will be the jades Bronya, Daraya, Lanque, Wanshi, Lynara and the Teals Tagora, Tirona, Tegiri, Tyzias, and Stelsa.
  • Everything seems smooth, so just head straight all the way to the right and proceed.
  • Suddenly, a whole conflict happens around the jades and the teals where Daraya has been accused of ruining Lynara’s book which Tirona has found in the restroom. Marvus, the troll from the train platform, was on a stroll on the train when he stops at your car and is amused of the situation. Tyzias, the teal troll will suggest to do a mock trial to figure out who ruined the book, amusing Marvus as he chooses to be the judge, Tyzia’s Matespirit Stelsa will be the attory, and Tyzia will be on defense. You can try to leave the car, however Marvus will stop you from leaving until the case has been solved dragging you into a case mystery where you can’t leave the car until it has been completed.
  • Check the lockers on the far left and try to open them only to fail. So, head to Bronya and ask her for the locker key which she will hand over. Head back to the lockers and begin rummaging them for evidence. You should find the following items: Missing pages, Nail File, Nail Polish, the H2D magazine, a purrbeast book, and a slashed figurine.
  • Talk to all the trolls to gain information on the situation.
  • Once you talk with Tagora, he will discuss his proof of innocence by asking you to bring the security tape from the restroom. At the restroom, click on the camera looking thing at the top activating a description on security cameras on their planet. The tape will be stuck so click on the nail file and then click on the camera and there you will have your security tape.
  • Click on the security tape and then click on Tagora who will show you the proof that it wasn’t him.
  • Talk with him again and he will provide you information that will be essential for the trial, but for a cost. You will need the following items in order to trade for information: The magic spice mix, the pogs, and batteries which you can either use the battery from your flashlight, or the extra batteries from act one when you port a save from that act.
  • Once you have gathered all the evidence talk with Tyzias and the trial begins.

The trial portion is honestly pretty boring no offense the second time so I will create a very simple guide on choices. You could also just press hint for everything throughout the trial. Also, there have been glitches where people can’t find items in inventory before the trial and don’t worry I thought the same thing too. Once you start the trial the items will appear no worry.

  • Present Tirona
  • Press all her statements
  • Present the H2D magazine on her 3rd statement.
  • Press on the first statement
  • Click on reminded on someone, and that someone will be Lanque
  • Bronya will be next on the stand
  • Press on all the statements
  • Present Bronya’s Itinerary on the 3rd statement
  • Press on the 1st and 2nd statements
  • Present the locker key on the 2nd statement
  • At this point present anything until a long statement is presented in which Tegiri is called to the stand
  • Press on the 1st and 2nd statement
  • Present the model on the 2nd statement
  • Present the nail polish and confirm it
  • Present the internet history
  • Press on the third statement
  • Present the purrbeast book on the 3rd statement

Here is where you can go two ways with the trial offering different achievements. However the one achievement you will always get is the Legislacerated award for completing the trial experiment

Achievement 1: Cell you later?

  • Start the trial again
  • Press on the 3rd statement
  • Present the H2d Magazine on the 3rd statement
  • Press on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th statements
  • Present the diary and the tape
  • Congratulations, you completed the trial and culled Lynara!

Achievement 2: Best Possible Scenario

  • You will need to have Tyzias notes that you have gotten from Tegora in order to initiate this
  • Choose the third option when talking to Tyzias
  • When asked to choose evidence, choose the diary and the nail polish
  • Went presenting a troll, choose Washi.
  • Congratulations, you finished the trial and no one died, how boring!

With that you managed to ease the car and proceed to the next car.

The Cerulean and Indigo Car (aka Blue Car)

You have now arrived in the blue car where it has been split into two floors, the Cerulean floor with trolls Remele, Elwurd, Mallek, Ardata and the Indigo floor with Nihkee, Galekah and Amisia.

  • Talk with all the trolls on the cerulean floor EXCEPT for Ardata, unless you do in which you get a achievement for.
  • Achievement: Head all the way to the right and talk with Ardata, and if they offer you to come into the room, say yes Congratulations you cause Joey and Xefros to be trapped in a room and killed by Ardata winning the Catfish Achievement and causing a game over.
  • Head up the elevator to the Indigo floor and try to pass through the door to the next car. You will be stopped by the Indigo trolls who won’t let you go until you show them proof that you are cultured (as you have used proof that you know Marvus who is a purple blood which they don’t believe)
  • The first thing to find is some good literature for Galekah. Head down to the lower floor and talk with Mallek, who can help find some literature in trade for you to help charge his devices. Head back to the gold car and talk with Folykl who can help charge the device. Once charged, head back to the blue car and present the fully charged device to Mallek who will give you the literature in return. Head back up the elevator and present the literature to Galekah.
  • The next thing is to find some good art for Amisia. This can be done 2 ways, but here is what I did for mine.
  • Head down to the lower floor and talk with Remele who can create you some good art in trade for some raw material. Head all the way to the rust blood car (yes all the way to the beginning) and talk with Marsti who will give you some garbage which is super RAW. Bring it all the way back to the blue car and present the garbage to Remele who will create the art with it. Once you have gain the art, head back up and present it to Amisia completing her task.
  • The last thing is for Nihkee, who challenges you to muscular theatre. Since it is a performance you will have to find a costume to perform in. Head down and speak with Elwurd who will deny all your options no matter what you choose. You will have to resort to Ardata and agree to come into the room. Elwurd comes over and stops you from going in and asking you to go talk with her again. Once you talk with her, she will give in and give you the costume. With the costume in hand, head back up and talk with Nihkee and initiate the theatre. You will lose no matter what that I am aware of but that’s okay as you gave a good performance.
  • With the three task complete, you can now pass through the blue car to the second to last car…the purple car

The Purple Car

This will be the second to last car before heading to the engine room. This room is also the most dangerous as purple bloods are mostly clowns, AKA murderers. The car comprised of trolls Chahut, Barzum and Baizli, Karako, and your friend Marvus.

  • Click on the spiral elevator and head down to the lower floor. Head all the way to the right where you see your friend Marvus asking him if you can pass.
  • You can pass, only if you can play their game. The game to Murder trolls in order to pass
  • You can’t back out as the clowns are holding Xefros hostage, from here it’s all on Joey
  • The first color chosen is gold. Head down to the gold car to see Cirava asleep. Click on them activating the action to take a photo of them pretending that they are dead. With this proof, head back to the purple car and talk with Marvus presenting the photo to them passing the yellow. But it’s not over yet.
  • The next round will be teal, but this time the clowns asked for a trophy of proof. Head down to the teal car and talk with Tegiri who will offer you his Tanto as a trophy. Bring it back to the purple car and talk with Marvus. Chahut doesn’t believe you killed a troll with a clean trophy so they demand you come back with it covered in the teal blood. Head over to the blue car and talk with Elwurd, who will help you out and ask Remele to paint the Tanto in teal paint to make it seem like blood. Head back to the Purple car and talk with Marvus showing him the “bloody” tanto. They will accept this as the paint was realistic.
  • The last color that you will have to do is PURPLE, you will have to kill a purple troll in order to pass through. The clowns give an explosive reaction and want to party to celebrate the moment, demanding Joey to head back to the rust blood car and grab some Faygo drinks. Head all the way to the rust blood car and all the way to the left near Skylla. Some dialogue will happen where Joey discovers that there is no Faygo in the car and that she was had by the clowns. Head back to the purple car where Baizli comes out from the purple car telling you that there is no more time as they will murder you first. Before Baizli can get to Joey, Xefros comes out of the car and pushes Baizli off the bridge towards his death as he is stabbed by the spikes under the bridge. Xefros reveals that once time was up, Marvus let him go to meet with Joey. Head back inside to see Baizli twin Barzum shaking on the ground due to his twins death. The other trolls laugh at this and accept the kill letting you through their car.

Congratulations you made it through the purple car, but for a price. Now to the final car, the engine car.

The Engine Car

After all the tasks and trials, you finally made it to the Engine car. However there is a active drone driving the car and if you open the door, the alarm will ring. In order to switch the car to the faster lane, you will have to flip the switch that the drone currently has its hand on.

  • Use Xefros and his telekinesis on the lever that the drone isn’t holding. This will unlock a trapdoor inside that is behind the drone. Use the telekinesis again on the trapdoor to unlock it.
  • Switch to Joey and use the tap dance action on the blue hula girl to distract the drone. Use the flashlight and shine it on the hula girl catching the drone’s attention. Click on Byers the bird and the trap door causing him to fly under into the trapdoor and he is now in the engine car. Use Byers on the drone causing the drone to move around until it dies out.
  • Go back to Xefros and use the bat to break the glass on the door. With the shards on the ground, use telekinesis on the glass and click on the pipes that connect the drone to the ceiling.
  • Switch back to Joey and use the treats on the drone causing Byers to peck the drone cutting of it’s communication system.
  • The last step is to go back to Xefros and use telekinesis on the lever the drone was holding causing the train to go on the express lane.

Congratulations, with that you have completed the game! Now to wait 3 more years for the next act!

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