100% Orange Juice – List of Cards That Gives Chris One Store Manager Counter

Cards List

Chris’ Hyper

How to call Manager for help:

  • You need to get to norma 4, and have at least 40 stars (10 if you use President Privilege).
  • You need to have at least 4 Store Manager counters.
  • If Manager dies, Chris’ Store Manager counter goes back to 0, similar to Maynie’s Rage counter when her target is KO’ed.

Chris gets one Store Manager counter for every use of a Max 1 copy limit non-gift card (yeah, i know how idiotic it sounds). What kind of card are we talking about here?

  • It must not be a Gift card.
  • You can bring only one copy of it per game. If you try to bring more than one during the preparation phase, you get this message.

List of Cards That Give Store Manager Counter

Boost card

Battle card

Trap card

Event card


Ideal lineup for Chris (probably)

  • Nice Presents and Nice Jingle: Standard cards.
  • Passionate Research: Chris is extremely Hyper-dependent. Without Hyper, she is a worse version of Islay.
  • Completion Reward and Holy Night: Not really useful but they give Manager counters for free so why not.
  • Backdoor Trade: Since you are unable to challenge another player, you won’t be able to stop at someone else’s home to norma by challenging them. That’s where Backdoor Trade comes in use.
  • President Privilege: While it doesnt give any Manager counter, it eases up the Hyper cost.
  • Reverse Attribution Field and Shield Counter (or Serene Hush): Defensive cards for when Manager is not around. Watch out, another player may use it on your Manager.
  • PiyoPiyo Succession: Manager can pierce through 3 encounters at ease, giving some extra stars and wins. But watch out, it may chip away his HP.

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