100% Orange Juice – Guide to Beach Party Base-Game Event

This event is non-seasonal, so you can do this at any point in time.

Beach Party Base-Game Event Guide

Step 1

First, go to the shop and purchase the “Beach Party” event which can be found in the Retired Events tab. It costs between 700-1000 Stars depending on what discounts you own.

After you make the purchase, return to the main menu and then the first cutscene will play, called “Beach Party – Start”.

You can rewatch scenes in the Gallery by going to Player Info-> Gallery-> Cutscenes.

Step 2

Now you must defeat Big the Jonathan 10 times, on any difficulty.

You do not need to play all 10 in a row, and if you lose any games it does not reset the counter so don’t worry. You can do these online or offline, but if you are trying to get this done as fast as you can I recommend playing them offline and using the fast-forward function by holding down Shift and Ctrl.

After you have won 10 co-op games against Big the Jonathan, go to the main menu and it will start the “Beach Party – Cleared” cutscene and it will also be added to the gallery.

And that’s it! You’ve now unlocked the items in the shop and they will no longer say “coming soon” and will be available for purchase!

Now all you gotta do is grind for stars. 

Field: Over The Sea

  • Default events: Air Raid, Home Roulette
  • Cost: between 17,500-25,000 Stars

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