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Comprehensive Guide to Sherry


Sherry is a character boasting one of the best statlines in the game, shared with Islay and second only to Store Manager. In return, Sherry is required to go second in a majority of battles. Because of this Sherry needs to be smart with who she picks fights with otherwise her health will be chipped away fairly quickly. Because of her stats alone and a few specific card synergies, Sherry is a contender for best character in the game.

Sherry is a character for you if:

  • You want a more passive character but still can perform strongly in fights.
  • You’d rather rely on sheer stats than cards to win games.


Sherry’s hyper can be absolutely game-changing, allowing her to go from last to first at the click of a button.


Sherry’s hyper is very rarely a game changer, fighting everyone on top of going second is very likely to lead to Sherry taking heavy damage and even dying. 30 stars is also a big commitment to a card that not only has no guarantee of scoring you a KO, but a decent chance of only causing yourself to be KOd. The hyper is best used when there are no positive attack characters alive and you are sure you can get a KO. If you are not sure that you’ll even get a KO or stay alive when using the card, just don’t.

Basic Gameplan

At first glance, Sherry’s passive may look like a major hindrance. However, she’s still usually better off than most other characters in battles just from stats alone. However as stated before, the passive does mean you have to be a little smarter with the fights you choose. Sherry should generally avoid encounter panels, in the first few chapters or at low health possibly even choosing to take drop panels over encounter panels to preserve health. However due to Sherry’s high defense and evasion stats, encounter panels usually won’t be too bad for her.

Due to her stats, she can also bully characters lacking a positive attack and defense stat. Even better if it’s negative. For example, Aru’s stats pale in comparison to Sherry’s in combat, Aru almost can’t touch Sherry due to -1 ATK and Aru is forced to take large hits when she can’t evade due to her -1 DEF.

Most of learning how to play a character can only be learned by actually playing the character. Sherry is not an exception and no one guide can explain the best move in every single situation, but with enough games you intuition should be developed to most often pick the correct choice. I can however give a general guideline for how she should play according to level.

Levels 1-2

In the early stages of the game, Sherry should generally take very few fights. Your goal at this point in the game should be to get to norma 3 as fast as possible. After you are sure you’ll have enough stars to get to next norma by the time you reach your home, you can aim for cards if it wouldn’t slow down your journey to home too much.

Level 3

Level 3 is when the amount of stars you get from bonus panels reaches its maximum. At this point in the game Sherry should be focusing on stars even after reaching the requirement for the next level. Going from norma 3 to 4 is not a high priority, so you can take more times to gather stars and cards before doing so.

Levels 4-5

At this point, it’s less likely that everyone has a close to equal amount of stars. This is generally when you will start taking more fights unless you are in the lead. If you are in the lead, stay in the lead and take few, if any fights. If you’re not in the lead, your top priority is to take as many safer fights as possible to try and get a KO for stars. Your stats make you almost a tank, but also one that can hit back. With Sherry especially you have to make sure the fights you choose are safe. If Sherry is low health it might be best to just hold back from fighting until she gets healing,

vs Boss

Sherry does better than most characters against the boss for three reasons:

1. If Sherry dies to boss, she doesn’t hit them first.

This sounds like a con you might say, but it’s actually a good thing. It’s better for you to just die to boss than to hit the boss and then die. Not damaging the boss first means it’s less likely for the boss to eventually go down to 1HP and massively impact the game.

2. Her stats are above average defensively.

As stated before, she has very impressive stats. Even in the defense department, 5HP +1 defense is nothing to scoff at. Marc is often touted for her ability to survive fights and she has 1 less HP and 2 less evade.

3. Second turn battle cards such as Tactical Retreat work on the boss.

Because she always goes second, she can use Tactical Retreat, Shield, and Shield Counter against the boss.

Sherry does very well against the boss up until it hits 1 HP. If the boss hits 1 HP then Sherry has to first be hit herself to even try to KO it. However due to the pros above it’s likely that either the boss won’t ever reach 1 due to Sherry never hitting them, or Sherry’s stats will allow Sherry to survive the first hit and still end up KOing the boss.

Random Gameplay Tips

These are some random tips that don’t only apply to Sherry. I couldn’t really fit them elsewhere but they’re worth mentioning.

If you are full HP and fighting someone on a home, always defend. Even if the opponent rolls a 2, you take 1 damage then heal the damage right after. While if you evade you have a 1/6 to take 2 damage and only heal to 4HP. If it’s a 1 roll it doesn’t matter, but you can defend for a little extra style points.

As an extension of the above, if you have +DEF you should consider fighting people on homes more if full HP. It’s likely you just take 1 damage and heal it off anyway, so the fight is very low risk, especially if the opponent lacks a positive attack stat.

If you have very few stars, which is generally the case early game you can be more liberal with evading. The reason for this is that if you do take a lot of damagem the punishment for dying is minor. I would even evade 5-7 rolls if an encounter panel enemy rolled them, it’s better to die to an NPC than to take heavy damage. Worse case scenario early game is you lose a few stars and turns; much better than going to low HP and taking forever to heal it or die to another player. This strategy’s usage falls off as you get more stars as eventually you’ll want to preserve stars by avoiding battle KOs as much as possible.

Recommended Cards

This section will go over Sherry’s best card options and why Sherry likes them.

Best Cards

  • Scrambled Eve
  • Gift Exchange
  • Tactical Retreat
  • Shield

Great Cards

  • Flamethrower
  • Brutal Prank
  • Present Thief

Good Cards

  • Play of the Gods
  • Dinner
  • Saki’s Cookie
  • Shield Counter

To touch briefly on why these cards are good:

  • Scrambled Eve, Gift Exchange, Flamethrower, Brutal Prank, and Present Thief

Sherry is not a card reliant character. Because of her stats, she can easily overwhelm other characters with lesser stats. Oftentimes the only way these characters can overcome her stats are using cards. These cards either remove cards from the game, or disrupt others’ card usage and could even net Sherry others’ cards including hypers. For a more detailed explanation on this strategy, check out this guide also by me:

  • Tactical Retreat, Shield, and Shield Counter

She can always use these cards since she goes second, including against the boss. Her passive also means opponents can’t use it against her. I’d recommend having three of Tactical Retreat or Shield in your deck.

Play of the Gods

Sherry’s hyper is an event card. Meaning if other players use Play of the Gods they risk pulling Whimsical Windmill and taking heavy damage. While Sherry can do it with much less risk because it can’t pull cards from your own hand.


Sherry will take chip damage from fights due to going 2nd, Dinner will heal here no matter who uses it.

Saki’s Cookie

Heals chip, general good card on +DEF characters. Some characters use this card better like Marc and Miusaki though.

Sample Decks

These are decks I’d recommend using on Sherry, you are free to make your own with what I laid out in recommended cards as well.

Sherry Standard Card Control

Flamethrower x3, Tactical Retreat x3, Gift Exchange x3, Scrambled Eve.

This is what I’d say is closest to a standard Sherry deck. The Tactical Retreat slots are for either Tactical Retreat or Shield, try both and use the one that you found the best.

Full Card Control

Flamethrower x3, Brutal Prank x3, Gift Exchange x3, Scrambled Eve.

This deck’s only purpose is to remove the effect of cards from the game as much as possible. Which does mean Sherry misses out on her battle card synergies but can abuse her stats more.

Partial Card Control

Tactical Retreat x3, Shield x3, Gift Exchange x3, Scrambled Eve.

This deck has both of her better battle cards along with the rest being the card control events. It’s a very viable deck but I find the added card control from Flamethrower to be worth trading one of these battle cards.


Sherry is a character that lean towards more passive play. Due to her stats she’s able to walk around collection stars like a tank, but also can be very strong in battles in the right situations. Her stats also mean that many other characters are simply overwhelmed due to their lesser stats, She also has card synergies only she can use to further avoid damage.

Written by Melanie

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