100% Orange Juice – Co-op Cards Guide

5 Point Cards

(Assuming Level 10 in a role, number of cards that can be brought: A = 1, B = 2, C = 2 to 4, D = 4, E = 4 to 6)

100% Staples: Dinner, Accel Hyper, Pudding

Cards that A rank characters should plan to pack one of. Dinner is a big deal because it will heal everyone 3HP for a cheap cost, so it is common for everyone that is not Attacker to pack one. Accel Hyper is a potential incredibly powerful attack buff so would be good for Attacker to pack, but anyone who gets it and attacks first can use it to try to make a clutch play. Pudding is free once Norma 4 is reached and always a good card to consider bringing especially for an Avenger.

Secondary: Passionate Research, Serene Hush, Shield Counter

These are easier to pack for those that are C rank or lower, but are worth considering if you are B rank and need something specific important with these cards as well. Passionate Research is a cheap way to try and get hypers faster where it will be a big help to do so such as with Arthur or Aru Scrambled. Serene Hush can be a lifesaver to block battles for one turn against bosses with strong fighting cards such as Jonathan or M10. Shield Counter is a good late game defensive card that can deal several HP damage to Jonathan and Summer Beast.

D or E Role Extras: Holy Night, Portable Pudding

These may not be terrible cards, but they are a bit more situational or more like icing on the cake and good cards to throw in for characters playing D or E rank roles. Holy Night is free and will give extra stars and Portable Pudding can be good for Avengers or emergencies.

Situational: Metallic Monocoque, Super All-Out Mode

These have situational uses that would be dead weight against some bosses and should be changed out according to who is fought. Metallic Monocoque is a huge staple against Jonathan and should be brought by anyone B rank or lower. It is also helpful against M10 Robot but may end up draining tons of stars when the Photon Cannon super takes off late game. Super All-Out Mode can be extremely risky since it also gives a buff to the boss and mobs, against Summer Beast this could kill your team so must be used carefully.

Bad: Lucky Charm, Mimic, Mix Phenomenon, Path Blockers, Price of Power

Lucky Charm might be ok when you draw it, but you can’t play any cards while holding it and it’s kind of expensive in deck points to add to the deck. If the boss draws a bad card and you’re holding Lucky Charm, you can’t play a card that would have otherwise saved the team that turn so holding Lucky Charm can always be a risk you don’t want to carry except in cases like Gift teams or with Store Manager. Mimic is too expensive and not really worth packing when everyone can pick between two different hypers they want as it is so typically people already will have good hypers they want most of the time. If a Dealer keeps drawing the hypers people want and deals them out then Mimic almost has no point. Mix Phenomenon is too random and doesn’t work when the boss tiles override them every 2 turns. Path Blockers is too expensive for something that invests into the Trap archtype of cards which are way too weak to focus on in Co-op. Price of Power is too expensive and pointless when there’s no need to pay more stars to play higher level cards in a mode where Norma isn’t a serious problem with smart play.

2 Point Cards

(Assuming Level 10 in a role, number of cards that can be brought: A = 5, B = 4, C = 1-6, D = 3, E = 0-5)

100% Staples: Extend, I’m on Fire!, Quick Restoration, Rbits, Reverse Attribute Field, Saki’s Cookie

Extend is the best 2 point card and everyone should pack one. REC is brutal in Co-op and helps everyone stay up. I’m on Fire! is a cheap +1 ATK any time someone may need it. Quick Restoration is good to take a hit and heal afterward, Rbits is a cost effective defense boost, Reverse Attribute Field may let someone nullify stat gains the boss has for a battle. Saki’s Cookie is a 2 point filler that gives 1HP back that can be played for no cost.

Secondary: Long-Distance Shot, Big Magnum, Shield, Tactical Retreat, Piggy Bank, Serious Battle, Encore, Forced Revival, President’s Priviledge, Windy Enchantment

These are more specific cards that come in handy a bit more situationally. Long-Distance Shot is good at finishing Summer Beast lives and pecking away at shielded bosses. Big Magnum is strong with minor drawbacks, Shield is ok but prevents counterattack, Tactical Retreat may save your life or is good for Nath to get a free stack safely. Piggy Bank may help give lots of stars with some luck but bears the risk that an enemy can trigger it and benefit from it. Serious Battle is a different functioning Reverse Attribute Field with less purpose. Encore is filler that is nice to put on a bonus or draw panel. Forced Revival is a really good card to pack against Summer Beast but kind of expensive and less useful for other bosses. President’s Privilege is a good card to pack with characters that have expensive hypers such as Mio and Lulu. Windy Enchantment is free and gives free +1 to movement with a minor drawback of being unable to Norma for the team which isn’t a big flaw in the mode.

Situational: Princess’s Privilege, Lonely Chariot, Ambush, Dark Side of Business, Play of the Gods

Princess’s Privilege could be ok to search for more cards if your whole hand was bad, but might be dead weight if you also don’t have enough cards to play it or do plan on using the other cards you are holding. Lonely Chariot might be used to get a really specific tile or key fight that needs to happen, but still very hit or miss. Ambush is too specific and kind of expensive but has an alternate use of also not moving for the turn. Dark Side of Business is only useful against Star Devourer and even then still part of a risky difficult strategy. Play of the Gods is good to pack alongside Super All-Out or Forced Revival depending on the boss to try and fish them out for cheaper.

Hard to Use Effectively: Little War, Accelerating Sky, Lost Child, Poppo the Snatcher, Bloodlust

Little War is only really useful with things such as hypers with Kai, Suguri, Sora to maximize their effects. Accelerating Sky is only good for Kae and hurts everyone else, Lost Child isn’t necessary but may be ok for Gift teams as filler, Poppo the Snatcher is only for Gift teams or Kae, Bloodlust is Gift card team filler or something risky for Attacker/Avenger. The wrong character could draw Bloodlust and it see no play so it might be a dead pick to put into the deck.

Bad: Star-Blasting Light, Stiff Crystal, We Are Waruda, Poppoformation, Desperate Modification, Backdoor Trade, Sweet Destroyer

Star-Blasting Light is too expensive and only does minor damage for Traps not commonly used by bosses. Stiff Crystal is expensive and unrewarding, We Are Waruda is pointless when it focuses only on uncommon traps, Poppoformation is a Trap that can cripple a teammate very bad, Desperate Modification is investing in a coin flip instead of something with a better effect, Backdoor Trade wastes stars to Norma in a mode where getting Norma isn’t a major problem, Sweet Destroyer focuses on so few cards and could even hurt the team overall so isn’t worth packing at all in Co-op.

0 Point Cards

(Filler cards with no remaining points left)

100% Staples: Nice Jingle, Unpaid Work, Dash, Nice Present

Nice Jingle is free to play at any level and simply doubles your star roll. Good and best played starting at Norma 2 unless things go horribly wrong in the first 2 or 3 chapters. Unpaid Work is a filler card that is free to play and may help to save some stars if there is imminent risk of someone about to get KO’d in battle. Dash is cheap and helps people escape bad situations or get somewhere faster. Nice Present draws 2 cards at the cost of 10 stars, worth doing as long as you wouldn’t have to discard a card after unless you have something that is already dead weight that wouldn’t be played.

Secondary: Rainbow-Colored Circle, Here and There, Cloud of Seagulls, Party Time, Indiscriminate Fire Support

Rainbow-Colored Circle is cheap filler that might be good to give Support characters a ridiculous Evade roll or a hail mary for whoever else uses it, Here and There is a board shuffle that could save the team from a bad situation or maybe not, only way to find out is to try. Cloud of Seagulls is a free coin flip as to whether or not the user or the boss takes 2HP damage, Party Time is a pricey warp everyone to same panel card that could help setup some serious damage. Indiscriminate Fire Support is loose residual damage overtime to either the user, the boss, or nobody.

Situational: Treasure Thief, Heat 300%, Tragedy in the Dead of Night, Exchange

Treasure Thief lets you take a card out of other players’ hands, which is situationally helpful to pass an important card to someone else that otherwise couldn’t get it, but this only picks 1 card in the hand at random and could be a tool to troll with since the other person can’t decline giving a card away. Heat 300% is only used to give Kae a +2 ATK boost thanks to her passive. Tragedy in the Dead of the Night is another way to setup passing a random card out of someones hand which could also be used for trolling. Exchange can come in clutch rarely, but is so awkward to setup in a way that would make it worth it.

Bad: Sink or Swim, Gift Exchange, Mimyuu’s Hammer, Dangerous Pudding, I Wanna See You

The stat drops for the minor payoff with Sink or Swim is underwhelming and honestly not worth over other filler cards. Gift Exchange is completely random how it distributes cards across the team with no control, not a good card to pack and is capable of trolling. Mimyuu’s Hammer is almost pointless that adding it to the deck is insulting. Dangerous Pudding is also bad since it can affect players as well and only ever used because of QP Dangerous and some strategies around her or when someone didn’t finish building their deck in time. I Wanna See You is another Trap that can disrupt the flow of your team and isn’t worth using when you can use better more consistently helpful cards instead.

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