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The Forest - Weapons Tier List

Written by Officer Pedro Alvarez   /   Jan 2, 2021    

In this guide you will discover which weapon are a good piece of tool that could brought into a fight against those stupid cannibals.

Classified Weapons Guide

Tier D Weapons

Plane Axe

Plane Axe Is A Simple Piece Of Equipment That Been Attached To Plane's Emergency System As A Tools To Escape Panic Situations.

This Weapon Offers A Quite Weak Damage, And A Medium Amount Of Stamina Is Required To Swing This Little Friend.

The Advantage Of This Weapon Are Almost Everyone Have This, There Should Be No Reason Player Were Unarmed. If You Did, Then You Have A Serious Problem.

For A Start, Its Good For Chopping Up Trees And Killing Weak Cannibals But As The Game Progress, Plane Axe Become Irrelevant Against Those Mutants

Tennis Racket

Yeah, believe or not, you can beat cannibal with this thingy.

Tennis racket can be found wielded by the arsonist cannibal (the white dude that hurls burning tennis ball)

Honestly, this thing is quite decent, have a good speed but for the popularity purpose, it sits at tier d.

Seriously, you think someone is using this?

In real life, it could potentially break your teeth more or less, but killing? Mehhh...

Crafted Axe

Behold one of the most significant proof of human civilization, and probably the most turnip weapon in this game.

Craftable but there's no reason for you to craft it as plane axe are far more suprerior than this piece of trash.

Crafted axe usually carried by the tribe leader as their weapon.

The only time when I saw this thing become useful is during a real apocalypse maybe...

Upgraded Stick

We know that upgraded stick served as a torch that provides light and heat on the go.

But as we progress in-game, having a warmsuit and a flashlight making this tool obsolete.

Plus it's not that handy when it comes to combat.

Because of the good speed this weapon has, I only advised you using it when you got into sticky situation where you got surrounded by a tribe, and didn't have time to swap tools.

Tier C Weapons


Many of you may didn't agree with me by putting a crossbow at essentially a tier c (mediocre tools) but here's the deal.

Although crossbow have a powerful damage, I think we all agree that aiming the crossbow giving us hard time, especially when a big group of meat-eating carnivores swarming you.

With its slow reload, arming and poor trajectory prediction, crossbow sits at tier c.

However crossbow is a great piece of tools when it comes to stalwart defense, by getting into high places such as platform, treehouse, natural barriers, you'll have a lot of time to arm the crossbow each time its fired.


You're kidding me right?

This serve no tactical advantages whatsoever.

I once use it at a small miserable cannibal and guess what? A whole darn village came to my base next day.

The only useful about this thing is when it comes to hunting rabbits and squirrels.


Seriously? This thing far more dangerous than useful.

Too troublesome to craft, have a slow ignition countdown and less damage radius.

You can't even apply sap to it to make a sticky bomb.


Only people with a low sense of survival will use this to kill those mutants.

Think about it, this thing needs gasoline which is rare, and you're wasted it on some stupid cannibals? Mistake.

Plus it's sounds attracts them more often.

Chainsaw is more useful when cutting down trees as it makes logging faster and easier.

Climbing Axe

This weapon is pretty awesome, but why is it at tier c? Simple. It's not popular.

The purpose of this tool is to climb a high wall and ledge in caves.

Using this to fight them cannibals? Duhh.

Tier B Weapons


Dynamite is pretty easy to find, they located at the one of the huts at the main cannibal village, as soon as you find it, gtfo of that place, trust me.

Dynamite is quite useful to cleared up blocked path in caves and to destory a pile of rocks that contains gun parts and old gun ammunition scattered across the map.

However this cannot combine with a sap, making it reason it stuck at tier b.

Weak Spears

Probably the most easiest weapons to craft and perhaps one of the most all-rounder types of weapon.

On a good side, by crafting a spear bag, you could carry these spears by 5. Impressive.

On a bad side, you can't block enemy with this, however collecting fish with this never felt so good.

Crafted Bow

Crafting this thing is quite easy. And this is the most vital tool that every survivor should have this at their disposal.

From hunting animals to killing cannibals, crafted bow is a true survivalist weapon.

Plus arrows could be improvised in many ways, either it could be incendiary arrows or poison arrows.


Club is an ugly stepbrother version of crafted club.

Club is a weapon carried by the tribe's leader.

Both tribal club and crafted club have same statistics except this one uglier, making it tier b.

Tier A Weapons


With its fast and speedy swings, machete is a fast killing tools.

Available in the sinkhole near the chopper, machete's radius is quite small, making it a good cqc (close quarter combat) type of weapon, and yes, deserved a tier a recognition.

Modern Bow

Same like a crafted bow, nothing less.

Because of its dope design and far cry vibe, it deserve tier a.

Best used with modern carbon arrows (can be founded in the film crew's camp, inside the yellow briefcase).

Crafted Club

This weapon also easy to make as skulls are quite easy to obtain by destroying the cannibals's effigies.

The damage are suprisingly good and the speed is acceptable.

Combine it with cloth and bamm, a lethal weapon in your hands, under $19.99.

Upgraded Spear

An evolved version of weak spears, this one have a really tribal feeling.

Packs quite a punch with this one.

You could find one of these at the coastal cannibal villages near the waterfall.

Flintlock Pistol

They aim at us innit bruv? We're bri'ish right mate?

Perhaps the most complex weapon to make, required about 8 parts which take some time to find it.

Using this is easy but it's hard to master, you often missed firing this.

The slow reload time will get you into trouble.

But its suprisingly a classic one deag which is a single headshot.

Tier S Weapons

Incendiary Spears

Or better known as "fire harpoons" is an improvised version of upgraded spear.

Does same damage as a normal ugraded spear, but here's a deal ok?

When you throw this spear, it will explode and deal a massive fire damage.

An ideal weapon to fight the mutants.

And don't worry, your spear will be fine, but you have to craft the fire harpoon again after using it.


I'd like to call it c4 if you don't mind, this weapon is a very useful tool.

From taking down a stack of trees or blowing up those sorry cannibals, using this never felt this good.

Plus combining it with sap will make a sticky bomb instead, perfect for hit and run.

Pro tips, when near an object or walls or trees or doors, press c to plant the explosives.

Rusty Axe

Quite easy to find, required a rebreather though.

The sole reason I put this weapon at tier s because it has 100% chance to block which is essentially, you're invincible as long as you're blocking them with this.

Plus, you're get a classic survival vibe by using this to chop down trees.

Modern Axe

This sexy bad boy is same as rusty axe but a bit less block and slightly more damage.

Eric leblanc signature tools, even featured during cannon ending (the tv show scene).


For those anime otaku's out there I presented to you, steel-tempered katana.

With it's high speed and velocity, you could literally slice and dice those cannibals bastards.

Enhanced it with either poisonous mushrooms or with snowberries to make it toxic-lethal.

Flare Gun

Appearance can be deceiving.

The flaregun is overpowered against the mutants and cannibals because essentially, you shoot a burning projectiles to them from a long distance.

Certified s-class weapon to kill the end boss during final fight.

Flaregun ammo quite easy to make ( need to combine this with flares).

Game:   The Forest