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Epic Battle Fantasy 5 - Reformat Final Glitch

Written by littletrotsky   /   Jan 3, 2021    

One way to kill the glitch boss.

Reformat - One quick Way That Seems to Beat the Glitch Boss

As I was stuck for advice on how to defeat the glitch boss I thought I'd put in how I beat it.

The reasoning behind this is - the glitch boss is very weak to debuffs and can be hit by non-elemental damage. The goal was therefore to maximise one or two solid hits on it. Turns out its health is actually pretty low if you can land the hits, so with these on lvl 37 this killed it in one hit. I've added in some possible hints that may be worth doing if you haven't got all the bonus equipment yet, though tbh I found this more intimidating than any of the boss rushes so literally left this till last.

I've screenshotted the equipment below (ignore Anna and NoLegs, I hadn't equipped them for this) but the only really important things needed are:

  • Matt - Giant slayer (weapon).
  • Genji Armour.
  • Either necromancer helmet (shown) or death mask.
  • Any attack boosting flairs and the battle paint.
  • Either the cleaver limit break ready or the skill legend.
  • Natalie: Kaladanda (weapon).
  • Blue elephant helmet could be useful as well (though as I didn't expect this to work I'd picked the helmet that gave auto revive and everything else Lance had was set up for the auto-revive cheese. I was expecting a much longer and more drawn out battle)
  • Someone (anyone else, though in this case lance) with the skill debilitate.
  • You could combine this with armour or weapons that boost debuff skills such as the cardboard box.
  • Summons: Viking monolith.

That's literally everything.

  • First get Natalie to summon viking monolith. If you have the viking fur armour (as shown) there's always the chance you'll get this for free of course.
  • Player 3 uses debilitate (lowers defence).
  • Get matt to defend (boosting attack and giving brave).
  • Natalie attacks (the middle enemy's the only one that matters) - further debuffing defence.
  • Matt then uses legend/cleaver on middle enemy.
  • If that doesn't do it an unload or combo shot would hopefully finish the job.

Written by littletrotsky.