Stardew Valley – Guide to Mr. Qi Questline

This guide (though kinda short) will guide you thought the Mr Qi quest line. This is not a 1.5 thing, so there will be no 1.5 spoilers here, however there will be spoilers to the community center and the desert here, though they only relate to the quest line. 

Mr. Qi Questline Guide

All credit goes to Lieutenant Ja\'Krispi!

Quest Activation

The beginning of the quest will start once you enter the skull caverns in the desert. To unlock the desert, you need to complete the vault bundle in the community center, which takes a total of 42,500g, or by purchasing bus repair for 40000g from joja development form.

Your also going to need a skull key, which is found at lv 120 in the mines in a chest.

Once you do all that, enter the skull cavern.

Note: I believe that you can start the mysterious Qi before completing Qis challenge, though you still need the desert unlocked.

Qi’s Challenge

The day after you enter the skull cavern, you should get a note in your mailbox, challenging you to reach lv 25 in the skull caverns. There is no elevator or checkpoints in the skull cavern, so once you leave the caverns, you have to start from floor 1 again.

Check your luck every day before you go into the skull caverns. If you have very bad luck, i suggest you dont set foot in the caverns unless you have some lucky foods to offset it. Bringing lots of spare foods (salads are most common choice), bombs, and staircases are easy ways to progress in the skull caverns.

Sometimes, after breaking rocks, a hole will appear instead of a ladder. Using these will skip 3 to 15 floors and will take away some health. The damage dealt is equal to 3x the number of floors skipped, so if you were to skip 5 floors, you would loose 15 health.

You will find serpents down here. A new type of flying monster that can do alot of damage if your not careful. Time your hits right, and youll be fine.

Note: Qi’s challenge is treated like a normal quest, so once you reach lv 25, the quest will be complete, and you should receive 10,000g the next day.

The Mysterious Qi

Before you start the quest, i suggest making sure you have all the items you need to complete it, as the entire quest-line can be completed in one day. You will need the following items:

  • One battery pack.
  • One rainbow shell.
  • 10 beets (of the same quality).
  • One solar essence.

  • Once you do this, go to the Bus stop. Start walking on the road to the left, and keep walking until you are inside a tunnel. On the wall, you will find a lock box between 2 lights. Place a battery pack inside.
  • A note will fall out with your next clue.

  • Walk to the train station, which is above the carpenter shop, and place your rainbow shell in the box on the platform.
  • Another note will fall out with your next clue.

  • Now go to mayor Lewis’s house in pelican town. Go inside, and place 10 beets in his refrigerator. Make sure the beets are all the same quality.
  • A third note will be revealed with your next clue.

  • Now go to the desert, and walk over to the skeletal remains to the left. Place a solar essence in the dragons mouth (just right click its head).
  • You should get a final note for your reward.

  • Go back to your farmhouse, and right click your lumber pile to the left of your front door on your porch.
  • You should receive a club card.

Club Card & Casino

After you complete all your tasks for the Mysterious Qi quest-line, you should have gotten a “club card.” This is used to unlock the other part of the Oasis building. This new area is called the casino, and has a few unique rewards, including one of the rarecrows. The way the casino works is similar to the Stardew valley fair, but more risky. To unlock this area, talk to bouncer while you have a club card in your wallet. Either dialogue you choose has no effect on anything.

You can exchange some money for Qi coins, 100 Qi coins for every 1000g. Every machine requires a certain amount of Qi coins to work. There are currently 2 different games (technically 3) that you can play.

  • To the right is calicojack (blackjack), which costs 100 Qi coins to play.
  • To the left is another version of calicojack which costs 1000 Qi coins to play instead of 100.
  • In the middle are slot machines which cost 10 or 100 Qi coints to play. Your reward multiplies how many qi coins you spent.

To the top right is a shop where you can spend your Qi coins. The shop sells 4 paintings (ranging from 3000-5000), A hat item (8000), A rarecrow, #3 (10,000), Hardwood fence (100 each), Magnet tackle (1000), farm warp totems (500 each), and a new 1.5 item (8000)

Note: Watch your luck as luck does effect your chances in the casino. Foods that increase luck will also increase your chances and outcomes of winning.

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