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Stardew Valley - Pinky Lemon and Friends Guide

Written by Damocles   /   Apr 20, 2020    

A quick guide to obtain the secret items from the locked boxes around the map! These items are purely cosmetic (and a tad creepy) and provide no bonus to the player. As of 1.4 there are 3 obtainable characters to be found.

Guide to Pinky Lemon and Friends


As a small easter egg in stardew valley the player can obtain three statues that can be found in various locked boxes around the map. These statues are respectively named ??Pinky Lemon??, ??HMTGF??, and ??Foroguemon??. Each of these statues can only be obtain by the locked boxes as of 1.4. These are the only three and no others statues can be found as of 1.4

The Book

A Lost Book in the library provides the code to obtaining these creatures and can be found by the player any time in game. The book "???" reads the following:

  • Solok Ulan Paa Eno Ra Coto Ulan Coto Ulan Mabo Bel Eno Ra Teba Omi Walo Nemo
  • Dop Ulan Coto Kui Mabo Awa Yoba Omi Solok Awa Lon Omi Omi Nemo
  • Solok Teba Ra Awa Nemo Gawa Eno Bel Ulan Nemo Teba Omi Yoba Bel Omi Xi

The first letter of each of these "words" spells out and object and location per line. Taking this object to said location and putting it in the locked box found there will reward the player with the respective statue. The statues can be obtained in any order, and the order or time of year does no effect the ability to receive the statue as long as the item is in hand.

?? Pinky Lemon ??

Pinky Lemon is obtained by placing Duck Mayo in the Locked box in the Saloon. After placing Duck Mayo inside the box the player obtains ?? Pinky Lemon??. He can then be placed anywhere on your farm.

?? HMGTF ??

?? HMTGF ?? can be obtained by placing a super cucumber in the Town location. This location is found behind Clint's workshop and after placing the cucumber withing the box the player will receive ??HMTGF ?? This statue can then be placed anywhere on the players farm.

?? Foroguemon ??

?? Foroguemon ?? is the final statue and can be obtained by placing a strange bun in the toy box found in Vincent's room. To access the box you must have at least two hearts in game with Vincent. After placing the bun in the box ?? Foroguemon ?? will be gifted to the player and can be placed anywhere on the farm.

Written by Damocles.