Stardew Valley – All 130 Golden Walnuts Locations

Version 1.5 has been updated a few days ago. There’s a new Island named “Ginger Island” to explore. There are 130 Golden Walnuts hidden on the “Ginger Island”. In this guide, I’ll help you find all 130 Golden Walnuts.


I recommend you use this website to check up left golden walnuts and other achievements:

Just upload your saves and select Show summary and details, then you’ll see left walnuts to be found in “Golden Walnuts” part.

First of all, I drew a simple map created by Powerpoint below in order to describe the locations in the latter part. The directions (south/north/east/west) mentioned latter are corresponding to this map.

All 130 Golden Walnuts’ Locations (Update 1.5)

1.1 Walnut Bushes – East (2)

1. You can walk into the right of the jungle, there’s a walnut bush in it.

2. As following picture shows.

1.2 Walnut Bushes – South (1)

3. Walk to the north first, go down at this location, and then you can see the bush.

1.3 Walnut Bushes – North (8)

4. A hidden bush, as following picture shows the route.

5. As following picture shows the route.

6~7. Walk into the volcano firstly, then use the watering cans to make a way to the left. Go out and there are 2 bushes.

8~9. You can get two walnuts with this route.

10. As following picture shows.

11. As following picture shows.

1.4 Walnut Bushes – West (8)

12. There’s a way at the most left of the beach. Walk to the top and there’s one bush.

13. This walnut bush hides very well. You can walk into the forest with the route that grass shows and right click at the top right corner to get a walnut. Using a glow ring at night will be clearer to see the route.

14. Go downward from the palm which is at the right of the river. A route hid there.

15. As following picture shows the route, destroy the rocks in the way.

16. As following picture shows.

17. As following picture shows.

18. As following picture shows.

19. As following picture shows.

1.5 Walnut Bushes – Shipwreck (1)

20. There’s a shipwreck on the west beach of the island. You can walk into it from the below of the beach.

2.1 Buried Walnuts – North (7)

21. As following picture shows.

22. As following picture shows.

23. As following picture shows.

24. As following picture shows.

25. As following picture shows.

26. As following picture shows.

27. As following picture shows.

2.2 Buried Walnuts – West (6)

28. As following picture shows.

29. As following picture shows.

30. As following picture shows.

31. As following picture shows.

32. As following picture shows.

33. As following picture shows.

2.3 Buried Walnuts – Cove (1)

34. There will be a new area opening after you spending 20 walnuts to repair the resort, which is callded Cove in this guide. You can dig a walnut there.

2.4 Buried Walnuts – Pirates’ Bar (1)

35. You can walk into the bar from the bottom right of the cove, one more walnut to be dug.

3. Volcano (19)

36~40. Mining stones in volcano (5)

41~45. Killing monsters in volcano (5)

There are 3 types of chests in volcano with a little difference.

46~50. The first type is the most common—Barrels. You can destroy it and get the walnut by chance. There are totally 5 walnuts in it, as the following picture shows.

51. The second type is the common chest, you can open it with right click, as the following picture shows. There’s a walnut in it by chance.

52. The last type is rare chest, a little difference from the second type, as the following picture shows. There’s a walnut in it by chance.

53~54. Walnut trees in the volcano. (10th floor) (2)

4.1 Puzzles and Quests – The Amount of Flowers and Starfishes (2)

55~56. There are 2 surveys in the field office which are the amount of purple flowers and purple starfishes. The correct number is 22 flowers and 18 starfishes.

4.2 Puzzles and Quests – Fossil Collections (11)

57~67. Collecting the fossils in the field office will reward you walnuts (totally 11). There are 4 kinds of animal fossils: Mammal Skeleton (6 walnuts), Snake (3 walnuts), Bat (1 walnut), Frog (1 walnut).

  • Mammal Skeleton: Skull – Found in Golden Coconuts.
  • Spine – Found by fishing in Island North.
  • Leg (2) – Found by breaking fossil stones (high chance).
  • Ribs – Found by breaking fossil stones (low chance).
  • Tail – Found by panning in Island North.
  • Snake: Skull – Found by digging artifact spots in Island North or West and fishing in Island West.
  • Vertebra (2) – Found by digging artifact spots in Island West.
  • Bet – Found by breaking non-ore rocks in the Volcano.
  • Frog – Found by cutting weeds in Jungle.

4.3 Puzzles and Quests – West Cave Puzzle (3)

68~70. There’s a hidden cave witch is covered by tree. As the following picture shows, walk into it and talk to the NPC in the middle. Then play the instrument as the right order. It’ll be easier to shoot the video to remember the order.

4.4 Puzzles and Quests – Mermaid Riddle (5)

71~75. There will be a mermaid sitting on the rock beside the cove’s beach in rainy days. And there are 5 small stones on the beach. Look carefully and you’ll see each stone is composed by several smaller stones which means that the smaller one is 1 and the bigger one is 5. Put flute blocks on the stone, the right tone is 2-11-9-5-7. The initial tone of the flute block is 1, right click the block will add 1. For example, 11 means you need to right click the second block 10 times. Get all the 5 blocks done and walk from left to right, the mermaid will give you 5 walnuts. And a kiss.

4.5 Puzzles and Quests – Satisfy the Frog’s Needs (15)

76~90. There’s a cave near the western farm which has a frog in it. Talk to him and he will ask you to plant 3 crops. The right crops are melon, wheat, Garlic. Remember that when they are ripe, don’t harvest them immediately, talk to the frog firstly instead. Every crop quest gives you 5 walnuts, 15 totally.

4.6 Puzzles and Quests – Juggle Banana Shrine (3)

91~93. There’s a banana shrine in the juggle, place a banana in it and there would be a orangutan walking out and giving you 3 walnuts. The banana is a new fruit updated in version 1.5, you can gain its seed from dops of volcano’s monsters or chests, found in the golden coconuts, the reward of fossil collections, trade from the store of the island.

4.7 Puzzles and Quests – Jungle Gem Shrine (5)

94~98. Walk into the shrine from this location of the jungle. There’s a riddle when you interact with the shrine. The riddle means that there are 4 gem birds in 4 directions of the island in rainy days. Each rainy day only appear 1 gem bird. When you walk closely to the bird, it will fly away and leave a gem, place the gem in the shrine’s corresponding place. When you get all 4 gems, you’ll get 5 walnuts.

The location of gem birds: The southern one is just close to the port; The northern one is at the bottom right of the camp; The eastern one and the western one have been showed in the following pictures.

4.8 Puzzles and Quests – Birdie’s Quest (5)

99~103. Birdie is at the left of the farm. Talk to her and she will give you a photo and a quest. Give the photo to Kent, and then Kent will give you something witch can be given to another NPC. The right order is:

  • Birdie→Kent→Gus→Sandy→George→Wizard→Willy→Birdie. 

At last, birdie will give you 5 walnuts.

5. Others (27)

104~108. Harvest crops which can only be harvested once on the “Ginger Island”. (5)

109. There’s a tree in Leo’s home, a walnut hides in it.

110. There’s a tree with a walnut on it at the top right corner of the northern island, you can use a slingshot to get this one.

111. There’s a Sand Duggy in the west of the island, use watering cans to kill it.

112. You can get golden coconuts by chance when you shake the tree, or trade it from the shop on the island. There’s a big chance to get a walnut when you asking Clint to open it.

113~115. Darts Minigame (3)

On non-rainy nights after 8pm, even days (the 2nd, 4th, etc.), pirates inhabit the cove.

Talk to one of those pirates closed to the bar to start the darts minigame. Each time you got 301 scores satisfy the limits of 20/15/10 darts, you’ll get 1 walnuts.

116. Killing Island West Tiger Slimes will get one.

117~121. Breaking shell stones on island farm beach may get one, maximum is 5.

122~126. Fishing on the island may get one, maximum is 5.

127. Fishing in the pool of cove can get one.

128~130. There are 3 journal scraps drawing maps on it.

Journal Scrap #4:

Journal Scrap #6:

Journal Scrap #10:

Where to Use the Golden Walnuts

1. Give one to the parrot in Leo’s home.

2~11. Waking up the huge tortoise consumes 10.

12~21. Repairing the farm house consumes 20.

22~31. Repairing the bridge consumes 10.

32~41. Building the shop on the island consumes 10.

42~51. Building fast travel locations consumes 10.

52~56. Building the escape in the 5th floor of the volcano consumes 5.

57~76. Repairing resort consumes 20.

77~81. Building mailbox beside the farm consumes 5.

82~101. Building the obelisk to the Pelican Town consumes 20.

102~106. Repairing the bridge in the volcano consumes 5.

I haven’t found the way to use the last 14 walnuts except for trading for Qi Gems.

The end. Thanks for using! Have a good time!

Written by 海鲜上酱


  1. Wow…thanks for “this picture” but nothing to direct me. I’m literally stuck on 3 Walnuts and all the help is zoomed in screen shots. And awesome that I can’t even ask a question or comment without setting up an account. 0/10 ;((((

  2. Great guide thank you, but Im still having trouble accessing walnuts 8-9 if anyone can help me

    • you get there after repairing the bridge by the fossil rocks and tent with a bone on it. after you repair the bridge, you go up the stairs and to the right, and you will be where the screenshot is for 8 and 9.

  3. This guide is great! This website sucks. I’ll be all the way at the top reading something it auto scrolls to the bottom to watch an ad so I have to scroll all the way back up to finish reading. Why.

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