Stoneshard – Hunting Guide (Patch

With patch, of Equipment Update 2, Hunting and Skinning is beginning to take shape.

Guide to Hunting (Patch


Generally in this game, hunting is not the main focus. This is instead used for Collecting pelts and meats and easy means of leveling up during the early stages of the game. If you’re struggling with dungeons and combat in general, starting slow by hunting.

Currently(Patch, hunting is starting to become more viable as they increase the price of pelts back up. previously they dropped it to low 60-120 to nerf it, but have started to increase the price back up to 120-360 ish.

As of now, animals are able to escape to another map, so once they spot you, bad luck. Unless they are territorial or aggressive creatures in nature which instead will attack you when provoked or run at you if you stay close too long.

Where to Look?

Currently the best way to find animals is to venture to heavily wooded area or to the steppes. Either approach them slowly or proceed to shout to attract animals around you.

As of now, animals that will Flee when they spot you:

  • Deer
  • Fox
  • Hedgehog
  • Rabbit
  • Saiga
  • Squirrel

Animals that will be wary(Orange Question mark) when they spot you:

  • Bison (Need Verification)
  • Moose
  • Boar
  • Wolf
  • Bear

Hunting – Basics


Developer’s Note

Since the game was first released, pelts had been dropping with a random chance. It was meant to imply that sometimes pelts are way too damaged, and that there was no use harvesting them. However, this mechanic wasn’t well-explained – unsurprisingly, it was only confusing players when they weren’t getting any loot after killing an animal.

To resolve this issue (and to increase immersion), we’ve added a new mechanic – skinning. Killing an animal is now just a first step: in order to get pelts, meat, antlers etc, you’ll need to harvest them. To do so, you’ll need something sharp in your inventory: a dagger, an axe, or at least a sword.

For the time being, skinning is implemented as a basic skill with 100% efficiency, but once Survival skill tree is in place, you’ll need to spend some Ability Points to learn how to do it properly.


  • With the new update Hunting is starting to shape up. As stated in the Patch Notes, New Mechanics are introduced, the following new mechanics proves to be useful for hunting purposes.
  • Throwing. Throw weapons and other items to deal damage, distract enemies, and trigger traps.
  • Skinning. The chance to harvest a pelt now depends on the damage type used to kill an animal. Added new hunting trophies: dog pelts, snake skin, and bear fat.
  • Hearing. Increase your Perception to hear nearby enemies before seeing them.
  • Two new NPC: Bran the Trapper and Unar the Scribe.

Currently, Noise is uncertain as the stealth mechanic is quite questionable.

For now, skinning success rate is 100%. However, the way an animal is killed is an important factor.

You’ll get the best outcome with piercing weaponry, which won’t damage pelts too much. If you score a kill by primarily using Piercing Damage, the chance to get a pelt will be the highest.

Thus using weapons such as:

  • Spear
  • Crossbow
  • Bow
  • Dagger

Will yield the highest chances of obtaining pelts.

On the other hand, Slashing damage types fare much worse, as cuts won’t do any good to a pelt’s condition. As for using Pyromancy, you can imagine the outcome… Naturally, the market adjusts accordingly: since harvesting pelts is harder now, their value has been greatly improved.

How to Skin

  • Equip any sharp edge weapon, and click the Skinning Skill.
  • Select the animal Corpse.
  • Drop loots.

Example of Outcomes

Pelt Drop: Yes (killed with Bow)

Pelt Drop: No (Killed with Sword)

Hunting – Animals

Some animals are dangerous, and in some situations thread carefully.

As Bran the Trapper Says, “Respect the woods. Be patient. Focus.”

For example:

Certain Death awaits

Hunting – Loots


Animals will drop either of these after skinning:

  • Pelt
  • Meat
  • Animal Specific Drops

Loot drop Scenario

Moreover, the way these animals are killed will determine the conditions and loots that it will drop.

For example, you deal majority damage with Pyromancy. Thus:

  • Pelt drop is Minimum to Non, as logically the skin is burnt to crisp.
  • Meat will be Well-Done, cooking is not required.

For example, you deal majority damage with Piercing/Bludgeon type Weapons. Thus:

  • Pelt drop is Highest Chance,
  • Meat will be Raw, cooking required.

For example, you deal majority damage with Slashing/Thrusting type weapon. Thus:

  • Pelt drop is Mild to Low,
  • Meat will be Raw, cooking required.


In general Pelts will take up different size, that depends on the creatures for example a Wolf pelt will take up 2×3 size of your inventory. While a rabbit pelt will take up 2×2 of your inventory.

General idea if Animals is worth your time to kill:

  • Hedgehog: Not worth (Easy to kill but price not worth for arrows early on)
  • Rabbit: Not worth (Easy to kill but price not worth for arrows early on)(Pelt: 40 g)
  • Fox: Worth (one of the most valuable pelt and easy to kill creature)(Pelt: 160 g)
  • Wolf: Worth (common animal that you will hunt for pelt and XP, usually found in groups of 2-3’s)(Pelt: 150 g)
  • Boar: Worth (common animal that you will hunt for pelt and XP)(Pelt: 120 g)
  • Deer: Worth (Need range weapon for this animal/ Net)(Pelt: 145 g)
  • Elk: Very Worth it (Hard early on)(Pelt: 180 g)
  • Bear: Very Worth it (Hardest early on)
  • Bison:Very Worth it (Hardest early on)

Hunting – Tools and Tactics

Hunting Tools

With the new tools at hand, such as the throwing net or Bear trap. We can utilize these tools for hunting.

Claw Trap (

Usage: Placed trap 1 tiles in all direction from your player.

35 Rending Damage.Durability, 5 uses.

Fixable at blacksmith.

*Remember, Put down the trap when the target is not aware of you. If the target sees you putting the trap, it will circumnavigate the trap placed down. (I believe the devs need to change this in the case of Animal NPC, so they dont detect it.)

Throwing Net (

Usage: Throwing Object (4 Blocks or Spaces away in any visible direction)

Causes enemy to be ensnared for 3 turns. If the unit does not have mobility resistance.

No Damage. Durability, 3-4 uses.

Fixable at Tailor.

In Action:

How to easily Hunt more Animals

Currently in patch the easiest and cheeky way to Hunt animals is first to find a Camp in a Point of Interest in the Map. Then proceed to sleep, just to save the game. Then this is the weird part.

Proceed to exit the game and open the game, then reload the save file, this will reset all the tiles you’ve seen and been too. Thus by using this method, we can continuously repeat this method until animals start to spawn in.

I’ve had encounters with wolfs, boars, bears and brigandiers spawning near the camp site.

I highly suggest if you want to hunt animals early on Pick the Take Aim skill which is good enough for hunting. Unless you prefer to go melee and use Either a Spear or Dagger that deals Piercing Damage.

Hunting – Combat


When approaching your target the animal will either flee or enter a wary state in which an orange question mark will appear on top of the sprite(Similar to other hostile NPCs)

When Provoked these animals will enter combat state and start to chase you.

And Similarly to other NPCs these animal may enter the fleeing state when their health reached a certain threshold.

However, Remember if these animal manage to reach the arrow point for map transition, these animals will disappear completely.

Written by Hexa

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