Cyberpunk 2077 – How to Get Rain (Easter Egg)

In this guide, I’ll explain you how to trigger rain in Cyberpunk 2077!


In this guide I want to show you how to trigger rain in Cyberpunk and even see the Blade Runner “Tears in Rain” Easter Egg.

Maybe you want do some amazing screenshots with it or you just want to enjoy the atmosphere btw, it is completely irrelevant if you do this on day or night or how often you do this, as soon as you reach the location it will be automatically night!

However, before we start I want to give you some information about the rain.

Rain in Cyberpunk

As you already know, rain in this game is really rare and I could be wrong either, but as far as I know it will rain:

  • For 3 days all 9 months (ingame time) and then their is a curtain chance that it will be acid rain (you can recognize it by the yellow color of the sky).

But for the trick I show you below, you only can get the normal rain, and you’ll have all the time you need because this rain will stay a good time.

The times I tested it, it stayed way longer than an hour and was unskippable. So you dont have to stress you out with reaching any places (it will probably stay longer than you want it to be).

How to Do It

Drive to this location on the screenshot: The spot is located in Vista Del Rey of Heywood on a street called Pigeon.

My car is actually the marker for the entrance.

If you arrived there, there should be a big text with: ADVOCET HOTEL at the front. The green arrow shows you the entrance.

Enter the building through this door here:

Then go left to this elevator:

In the elevator press the button “42: TERRACE” and wait.

When you reached the top, the last thing you need to do is to jump over this wall marked with the green line.

The rain will start as soon as you crossed it, and if you follow the catwalk you will even see the Easter Egg too.

Look! He even holds a bird, what a nice guy! But shhh, I think he is sleeping.

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