Leaf Blower Revolution – Idle Game – How to Earn BLC Coins (Step-by-Step)

Easy to follow guide to building up BLC Coins.

Guide to Building Up BLC Coins


Today I’m going to try to help people earn BLC coins. If you haven’t noticed already, it’s hard to earn a lot at once, and the best way to get them is going to be short runs then reset. But to earn currency, you have to spend currency. We’ll be starting off with what I recommend getting before trying to earn 50 Million.

Step 1: Preparation

Before we start the journey to 50m BLC Coins, we have to plan our route and pack our bags.

First, lets talk about where we’re going and how we’re gonna get there. We’re gonna spend the first part of each short run in THE VOID. Every time you reset, start by teleporting to The Void and turning on your converters. We will farm there for just a couple minutes, upgrade both combo upgrades to about 18 or so, then we’ll teleport to The Abyss, where we’ll spend the next 10-20 minutes.

Now it’s time to gather some things. To do that we’ll have to buy some things with BLC coins.

First, you’ll want to commit to a crunch with at least 1 million BLC coins at your disposal.

Spend what BLC coins you can on (in order of priority):

  • Crunchy Coins Lv 1.
  • More Converter Transistors.
  • Increase Converter Output.
  • BLC ++.
  • Prestige+++++.

You can do a couple resets to get more levels of these things, but don’t spend more than 1 million on a single upgrade for any.

Pets will be important for getting BLC Coins. in the current version of the game, I believe pets cost 1m to unlock and 2m a piece. You’ll want to get at least enough for Foxo, but Bunyo and Racoono are both helpful. So at most, 7m. But before you can get the pets, you’ll have to start farming coins.

Step 2: Getting Necessary Upgrades

We need Pets. We also need Unique Leaves. But those cost money. We’ll need a total of about 10m BLC coins, but this will make life much easier.

To start getting BLC coins, I recommend resetting at 1-2m BLC Coins. we’ll be Farming in the Abyss for the most part.

While farming, remember to occasionally upgrade your Combo multiplier upgrades in the gold shop, and your upgrades in the science shops.

In the strange science shop BLC ++ is better than BLC Science. Converters are also important.

Once you’ve got enough BLC, 5m, you’ll want to unlock pets first. Buy Racoono and foxo, then we can take a nap. First, make sure you’ve got the ALBs Love Seeds upgrade in the Celestial Shop. Its necessary.

While you nap, or work, or for the love of god socialize with somebody, leave the game running, in The Abyss, with all your Nuclear Fuel and a Air Compressor, in the center of the screen. Equip Racoono. Let your ALBs collect seeds, which will multiply your overall leaves. When you come back, you’ll have enough brown leaves to max out Moar BLC. Also max out any seeds you don’t have maxed

Reset with Foxo equipped, and you just might have enough to get Unique Leaves, Bunnyo, and Lv1 of Greedy Uniques. if not, repeat until you do.

Finally, Unique Leaves

You’ll need the Glitter, Ghost, and Rainbow Leaves. you’ll want to let the game sit overnight again, just like before, or actively farm until you have reached :

  • 1D Bismuth Leaves.
  • 1d Cosmic Leaves.
  • And 100k Celestial leaves (will need to be gotten manually, if you don’t have printers).

Then, visit each place with it’s corresponding tool. Only do one at a time.

  • The Mountains – Any Rake.
  • Space – The Blowfish.
  • The Celestial Plane – Rocket Engine.

Once you see the giant leaf spawn, blow it off the edge. it won’t despawn if you switch to the air compressor, but it doesn’t seem to be faster.

Lets Get 50 Mil

First, More Prepwork! we’re gonna farm in the abyss until we can prestige for about 1t basic coins. Then, click “buy max” on Prestige ++. After that, you’ll want to leave the game running overnight. Same spot as usual, Middle of the screen in the abyss. Racoono equipped, and the Rainbow and Glitter leafs activated.

When you come back, prestige for a ♥♥♥ of coins. This will help boost along the first few runs for BLCs. Go into your Coin Shop. Turn off the Auto Buy for everything except for

  • All Auto Buy (Trees, Fertilizer, Marketing, Nuclear Fuel and ALBs).
  • Auto Unlock Leaves/Flasks.
  • Increase Converter Count/Output.
  • And Upgrade Discount.

Then buy the Coin Upgrade bot in the BLC Shop for 5 BLC coins.

Then, start farming in The Void. get your combo multiplier and max combo to about 20, then move on to The Abyss, but check on Gold Leaves every few minutes to see if you can afford a few more levels. Seeds are helpful.

Now that we’re in The Abyss, we just stay here. Make sure you have the Glitter and Rainbow Leaf equipped, as well as either Racoono or Bunnyo. Farm until you max out BLC++ and Moar BLC in the Exotic shop. For the Strange Science, I would recommend upgrading C++ to about 25, Increase Converter Output to about 60, and then upgrade BLC++ to 12 and BLC Science to 3.

Reset. Crunch. Whatever. Just do the Biggie Crunch at about 3-5m BLC. But before you do that, equip Foxo and the Ghost Leaf, to bring it up. Mine went from 4.5 ish to 8.5 ish,

Using this method, you can get 50m in about 5-10 runs. coins are a big factor, as well as how much time you want to spend on each run. But I recommend getting as many upgrades in the Strange Science tree as you can until it starts to really slow down, which are the guidelines listed above.

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