Valheim – Useful Tips and Tricks

Here you can find some useful tips and tricks.

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Tips and Tricks

Build support

If you want to build a larger house it’s better to build a frame first out of beams and poles before adding the roof/walls/floors (Create supporting beams, there is also angle’d supports for the roof).

Fast travel between bases

Find fine wood and you unlock portals. Portal is made from Fine Wood. Fine wood is from Birch Trees (the white ones with black spots) which you can cut down once you get a Bronze Axe, which is from mining Copper and Tin and smelting them together. You can mine after the 1st boss (1st boss drops an item which allows you to craft a pickaxe).

How to plant trees and grass

Get 5 bronze ingots and make the cultivator tool and then you can make grass and plant things.

How to climb onto raft

There is a ladder in the back of the raft. Aim for it and interact.

How to get fishing rod

Find the vendor in in black forest.

Where to find flint

Flint is scattered all around bodies of water – its quite literally everywhere near rivers and the shore.

Taming boars

You can lure boars into a pen at your base. Tame them by throwing food onto the floor in their pen (I used mushrooms). You do not need to be in the area for the taming process to complete. Although they will deplete the food on the ground so you may have to top it up.

Once tamed boars will still deplete hunger level and will need to be fed frequently. However having more than one boar in a pen will allow them to breed, spawning lil’ piggies every now and then that grow into boars.

Once you have enough boars, or you’re limited by food available, you can start killing the excess for an easy source of meat and leather.

How to use fermenter

Make a cooking pot, you make mead base in that and then use the mead base in the fermenter.

How to sacrifice trophies

The stones that you put boss trophies on is the circle that you spawn at in the beginning of the game. You’ll find hooks to put the trophies on. Make sure you use the correct hook for the correct trophy. Some hooks do nothing for certain trophies.

How to summon Eikthyr

Offer two deer head to summon.

How does the Cauldron work

Placed near a forge over a fire. You can make potions with it.

How to repair axes, hammers etc.

You repair it at a work bench, it has no cost.

How to delete items

You throw them out on ground and they’ll end up despawning IF you aren’t close to a worbench so yeah open sea is 1 great way to dispose of unwanted items.

Dragon egg

It’s an item needed to summon the last boss and can also be used as decoration ofc if you got yourself some item stand.

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