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Valheim - Console Commands (Cheats)

Written by Ferni~   /   Feb 5, 2021    

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Console Commands (Cheats)

How to Open the Console

To hide UI press CTRL+F3. To open the game console press F5 and type "imacheater", or type "help" to show all available commands.


  • help - Show all available commands.
  • kick [name/ip/userID] - Kick the user.
  • ban [name/ip/userID] - Ban the user.
  • unban [ip/userID] - Unban the user.
  • banned - Shows a list of banned users.
  • ping - Send a ping to the server to ger your latency.
  • lodbias [number] - Set distance lod bias. If empty shows actual lodbias. By default 1.5.
  • info - Print system info.


  • god - On/off Godmode.
  • killall - Kills enemies.
  • goto [x] [y] [z] - Teleport to coordinates.
  • spawn [Items ID] [amount] [level] - Spawn items, you can find a complete list of IDs here.
  • spawn Troll - Just spawns a troll.
  • exploremap - Remove fog of war.
  • freefly - Toggles flying.

Event Commands

  • event [event name] - Start an event.
  • randomevent - Start random event.
  • stopevent - Stop an event.

Event Names


  • Army_Eikthyr
  • Army_Goblin
  • Army_Theelder
  • Wolves
  • Skeletons
  • Army_Bonemass
  • Army_Moder
  • Blobs
  • Foresttrolls
  • Surtlings


  • Boss_Eikthyr
  • Boss_Bonemass
  • Boss_Moder
  • Boss_Gdking
  • Boss_Goblinking

If you type "imacheater" in console to turn On/Off cheat mode and then "help" you will be able to get another list of commands. Like teleport, freeview, godmode and more.

I highly recommend don't use cheat commands to don't ruin your ingame experience. This commands could be useful if you get stuck: Use "pos" or "goto [x,z]" to teleport yourself and get unstuck.

Written by Ferni~.

Game:   Valheim