Valheim – How to Earn 100 Bow (In One Evening Stress Free)

Earn 100 bow with no bosses, no huge arena prep, no stressing, no cheats, and no mods. It can even be done one-handed while you watch YouTube.

Guide to Earn 100 Bow


This guide assumes you’re already at a certain, established progression point, upgraded iron or further, for armor and food purposes.

This method will help you get Bow 100 in one evening/night, and all while catching up on backlogged videos/episodes/series/seasons.

Bosses? Nah. Big setup? Maybe for the arrows, but otherwise no.

For this you will also need and exorbitant amount of wood. Feel free to make a whole new world, then gut that world’s forest, rather than waiting for one you replanted to regrow. In total you should need 4800 wood, just for the arrows, and a little extra for any needed storage, or portal shelter.

Example Trip

For this method you will be making trips like this into the barrows with the listed items.

Note that in the video, I made multiple mistakes.

I brought a cape instead of more arrows, I didn’t bring enough bows, I didn’t bring a stamina food item, I was out of rhythm after so long, which meant I often dropped it a split second too early, and I hadn’t done this in a while, so it took me a short while to relocate the spawner.

There is no audio, as OBS would have also recorded what I was watching on the side, which is also the reason for 768P.

Required Items

  • 12,000 Wooden Arrows (4800 wood, crafting 600 instances of wooden arrow).
  • Iron Armor, No Cape, No Belt.
  • 8 Upgraded Finewood Bows.
  • 2 Health Food Items.
  • 1 Stamina Food Item.
  • 1 Barrow with a Sheltered Portal and Intact Spawner.
  • 1 Base Portal With Arrow Storage and Repair Stations.
  • Something to Watch.

Prepping the Portal

After you’ve acquired all the needed materials, find a barrow, encase the entrance in a small shelter, make a portal in that shelter, then link it to a portal right beside your chest-fulls of arrows, and some repair stations for your armor and bows.

This portal is good if you want as little between you and getting that sweet XP as possible.

Move That Gear Up!

Now, we prep just before the trip. Grab and equip your 3 armor pieces if they aren’t already on, chuck your cape, ditch your belt, grab the 8 finewood bows, get two health food and one stamina food item, empty everything besides the previous stated items from your inventory, and shove in the arrows.

With inventory done right, you should have 1,900 arrows. Next, have your food, have a rest, and have a quick stroll through the portal.


You have arrived! The next step in this journey to 100 Bow is to find the treasure room, as in the treasure room, we needn’t worry about damage to the spawner, or being knocked around while in its corners. There you will promptly be greeted by the first two of many skeletons to come.

After turning on your watching material, aim at a boogsely bones, and do just more than a click, but not too little for it to fire. Eventually, you’ll get down the rhythm, and it will be like walking from then on. If you run out of stamina, just chill a bit, and the stamina food should shoot it right back up, especially if you’re still rested.

It helps to have the sound on in the game, even if it might disrupt the watching material, and occasionally look over to check food, health, maybe collect some trophies. This also helps indicate when it’s time to switch bows, as instead of an arrow hitting, you’ll hear a louder punch.

It also helps to not use the Huntsman in this situation, as the lesser range of mob pull is a disadvantage here.

If you see a star or two on a boogsely bones, twang them down first, as if there’s another starry-eyed one that comes around, it might outpace your regeneration by too much, and you might have to take a break.

Congratulations! Eventually, you’ll run out of arrows, and should have achieved multiple level-ups of Bow, even for somebody much further along in the skill.


By using this method in its most optimal form, you should be able to maximize your archery in 6 trips, allowing you to commit feats like one-shotting trolls, and decking entire fuling camps with a bow and wooden sticks.

It took a bit to devise this method, but it payed off! I have used it to level two characters to 100, and give a quick 46 Bow to the demonstration character. Use it, share it, flaunt it.

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  1. Great guide, my father and I use a drauger camp, knock down their buildings and set up short walls to create a training area. It allowed for 3 spawners to constantly spew mobs as we stand right out of their range. Also the more hits you do raises your skill faster so one thing we do is take the weakest bow as well as the wooden arrows. That way you get more hits in per monster which raises skill fast as well.

  2. We use a draugr camp we had found in the meadows. They are semi-common and usually have at least 2-3 spawners inside the buildings.

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