Blood of Steel – Xiahou Yuan Hero Guide

A quick overlook of the mounted bowman Xiahou Yuan.

Xiahou Yuan Overview


Xiahou Yuan is a falcon mounted Bowman with 20 Troops.

Hero Type: Support / Damage Dealer

Dark Chaser Skin


Skill 1

Skill 2

Skill 3

Skill 4

How to Play

  • In the beginning of the game you dont wanna rush towards the enemies take your time.
  • Allways keep it mind you can only shoot enemies on the left side with that hero.
  • Your posion only spreads if the infected enemy dies.
  • Try to arrive, when your team is already fighting against the enemy squads. So you can poison the damaged enemies and spread your poison to reduce their defense power.
  • As a mounted bowman you can shoot above your teammates heads and support fights from the backline.
  • Allways keep it mind that you cant use ranged attacks while using your sprint abillity -> only use the sprint to run away or to change your position.
  • Your vee formation increases your attack rate but also splits your squad widely -> only use the formation on open fields and if you know there is no enemy close to your squad.
  • If it comes to close quarter combat switch to swords by pressing F4.

Prefered Armour

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