Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Camping Guide

Guide to Camping

Managing Your Camp Site

Lets start with the basics… It took me several days before i noticed them ” the Manage Button” and the “Camp Button”.

Camp Button

Click the little campfire icon or push R

If you are on the world map it will bring up your camp menu and if you are in an area pushing R will bring up a Camp site that you have to place on the ground ( it will be green if you can place it there you need to have enough room for its placement ) clicking on this camp site will bring up the camp menu when your party gather around it.

Camp Menu

Clicking the Manage button will allow you to do thing like:

  • Who dose what job – by click and dragging their icon to the boxs.
  • If you want to use rations or only use what you get from hunting.
  • What kind of food you want to cook and its DC (mouse over it to see the bonus of the food).
  • How long you want to camp for ( you can only adjust this if your ration total is equal or grater than your needs).

Camp Management


  • If you are tired of seeing thinks like your hunter took an extra 19 hours and came back with 3 rations.
  • If you have enough rations you can move the slider on the top. it will become the maximum about of time spent camping for that day.
  • If your party needs 9 hours and you set it for 14 your hunters will only spend 5 hours looking for rations, saving you lots of wasted time.



The smaller box under each placement box is the helper box the person doesn’t need any skills they will just do what the main person tell them to do giving a flat +2 to that skill check.


  • Nature Lore Skill to look for Rations will go out till you have enough Rations for 1 rest if needed.
  • If not needed will go out for a random about of time and bring back a random about of Rations.

I highly recommend that if you have enough Rations that you ether set a max timer for your camp for a chance of free extra Rations with out the risk of wasting a mass amount of hours or not send out the hunter and have that person fill the roll as helper for a +2 somewhere else like cooking.

Camp Camouflage

Stealth skill to lower odds of random attack when resting.


World Knowledge skill to cook an extra dish to go along with your Rations.
You can find or buy recipes and ingredients that will allow you to cook different foods and get different bonus like

  • Travel more with out needing to rest.
  • More HP
  • + to Saves
  • +4 bonus to an ability score etc.

Your party members also have favorite foods that give additional bonus to them if you cook them.

Special Roles

See below.

Watch Order

Perception skill to see if you see the an attack coming, so they can wake everyone up and equip armor to get ready for the incoming attack.

If fail you will not have your medium or heavy armor on unless you have a feat saying otherwise (you take your armor off when sleeping) and the enemy might be on top of you getting the first rounds of attacks.

Special Camping Roles

Main Character

Procure Rations: Once you establish your barony, Gain the benefits of rations without using rations while within your territory. This ability does not work in dungeons.

“Saves you from needing to carry around all them heavy rations – keep at least 6 on you in-case you need to rest in a dungeon or heading out of your territory”


Sharpen Weapons: +1 damage in the first battle within 12 hours. +1 additional battle for every 4 levels beyond level 3.

“Most areas stat off with trash that would eat this up but could be useful if you rest outside of a boss room”


Wilderness Survival: Decreases ration consumption by 2.

“A much weaker version of the MC but can be used anywhere also helpful when out of food wont take hunters as long to find 4”


Blend Into the Night: Reduces the chance for attack for every guard shift that begins in the night.

“Nice if you don’t have a stealth role companion”


Undead Guardians: Two undead warriors will fight on the party’s side if it is attacked.

“Nice for farming failed camping npcs, or if you know your going to fail”


Effective Management: Reduces camping time by 1 hour.

“Nice if you have a long ways to go (several days) and little time to spare”

Kalikke and Kanerah




Inspire Competence: +2 competence bonus on all companions’ camp duty skills. +1 bonus for every 4 levels after level 3.

“A Scaling + to all campers. The best Camping Specialist if the other roles are filled.”


Set Traps: Nok-Nok sets traps that will protect the camp from monsters if an enemy attacks.

“Nice for farming failed camping npcs, or if you know your going to fail” ?


Set Alarm: Warns you of enemy attacks for 1 guard shift.

“Replace the need for 1 guard”?

Regongar Intimidating Posture: Prevents attacks by most enemies weaker than he is.

“If you don’t have a stealth companion in a low level area will lower odds of being attacked”


Everlight’s Blessing: doubles HP recovery and regeneration from ability damage during rest.

“Cast extra heals spells and lesser recovery on everyone when camping”?


Maintain Armor: +1 circumstance AC bonus to the first battle within 12 hours. +1 additional battle for every 4 levels beyond level 1.

“Most areas stat off with trash that would eat this up but could be useful if you rest outside of a boss room”

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