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Lumberjack's Dynasty - Cooking Guide

Written by GamerTeah   /   Updated: Mar 4, 2021    

It's spreadsheet analysis on profit margins.

Guide to Cooking

The Spreadsheet

Beginner Breakdown

Most of the raw product with the exception of Honey can be bought from a store and processed in the kitchen for a profit.


I suggest always buyout the following items in any shop you go to:

  • Eggs
  • Milk
  • Pumpkins
  • Roach (Fish)
  • Tomatoes
  • Zucchini
  • Wild Mushrooms

Cookbooks in the Other Tab while your buying out produce in each Store.

There are four cook books:

  • Fish
  • Egg
  • Honey
  • Mushroom

Buy one book; read it, then sell it back to the store owner, you don't need it anymore.

Basic Cooking

Then taking the items home to process them on your stove in your kitchen.

Note: Once you have the mushroom book always make Lowlander Style Mushrooms first ( Milk, Pumpkins, Mushrooms) then processing the rest you have left over.

Easy to make a profit just running to all the stores and coffee shops to buy out the stores each day.


Get this up and running pronto. I still have no idea how long things take to grow but make sure pumpkins are the first thing grown if you have the seeds and chili too i think. The rest at your discretion.


Also don't forget day on to pick all the Apples in all three orchard sections on your farm. This should net you 120-160 apples. Horde 100 apples and Jam the rest.

Don't build bee hives yet... I see you...


Learn Fishing

Make sure to investigate the suspicious man your aunt saw. That chain will lead you to learning how to fish and a free fishing pole.

You can use this to make food, money and to feed your cat as well.

Intermediate Breakdown

Congrats on:

  • A. Having all the cookbooks and
  • B. being in Chapter II of the story (Once your a business partner with your Aunt and Uncle).

You have now unlocked the opportunity for Animals:

Talk to every single stranger danger on the side of the road and in little groups till you find the persons who will offer the following:


Buy These First: All 20 of them; they will lay eggs you gather every single morning. They have no upkeep cost. If all the eggs laid are made into canned boiled eggs should net you around 350-450 monies a day.

Buy a Cat

This keeps rats from pilfering your storage at the cost of a fish every few days. A fed cat is a deadly Typhoon :)

So now you have chickens and a cat.

You can purchase the following off the egg monies if you so choose:


You have 20 chickens (Max) why would you need a rooster?

A rooster will provide passive income as any chickens born over cap will get sold every morning for 20 monies; it doesn't happen every morning but still its nice passive income. Now if you were not able to buy all the chickens then the rooster will fill up your hen house slowly with new hens until the 20 cap is reached.


You can milk them for 2-3 milk each per day, they eat Hay. You get hay by weed-eating/mowing grass and picking it up.

  • Once its in your inventory; go inside the barn.
  • Click the hay stack in your inventory.
  • Click the button that says move to Barn at the bottom

1 Grass/Hay = 10 Hay in the barn once this is done. The barn holds 1000 Hay.


Each wool will net you 40 monies every few days when you shear it. They like to wander off.

OK now you have your animal income coming in now what? <Current stage I'm in>


Don't be like me and buy beehives day one. Wait until you can afford them. Now is that time.

Check these bad-boys in the morning and sometimes in the evening (some say they harvest 2x a day but i haven't been that lucky).

Horde our Honey till you unlock Herbalist recipes.


Yep you can afford a Rake, Shovel, watering can and all the seeds you want now. Make your profit flower (not sure the length these take to grow or what the profit margin is).


Written by GamerTeah.