A Hat in Time – Ultimate Vanessa’s Curse Guide

This guide is mostly aimed at explaining on what you will face during a match within the manor of Vanessa’s, and what to expect when running from, or spreading the curse.

What to Expect in Vanessa’s Curse

Vanessa’s Puppet Buffs

During a match you can get a random event if the puppets are losing (there is too little puppets and almost all crowns have been collected) They will gain one of three buffs that will aid them in their goal to spread the curse each one has a random effect aimed mostly at hindering the none cursed players ability to avoid cursed puppets more easily.

Group Warp

The Group Warp is a random ability when selected players will have a few seconds until all, including the puppets will be teleported back to where you first started at the beginning of the match, while its a one time thing, this in turn allows puppets to easily chase down none cursed players and can also delay crowns being collected, buying the puppets more time to win.

Extended Curse

The Extended Curse is another random ability, however when selected all active current puppets will gain a ring around them, this ring simply increases their range to curse a player. this allows them to just get close enough to curse them, however watch out as jumping over them can still curse you. Even if the cursed player doesn’t jump, they are easy to find as they will have a red ring for none cursed players making them stand out, new puppets during the timer will not get this buff.

Cursed Fog

Lastly we have the Cursed Fog this ability is focused on hindering the players that are not cursed own personal view, and can also mask the puppets allowing them to get close. The fog will not blind the puppets allowing them to see normally, Watch out however, while the fog is active you could mistaken a none cursed player as cursed, and vise versa. Its best if the fog is in play wait it out and move slowly rather then running around or you may run into a puppet and not know before its too late.

Neutral Effect

When the match is even the game may instead play a Neutral Effect on all players cursed or not. This does make it interesting as it does affect both sides and could in turn limit crown collection or cursing players.

Random Warp

Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of experience on Random Warp though it may do what it says, randomly warp players around the map. Its a simple one and similar to Group Warp a one time thing and after a few seconds, but its highly random and not at the start of the map, normally. Get ready to run as you may spawn next to a player on the opposite faction you may have to catch or flee.

Sudden Flood

Best watch the first floor cause a Sudden Flood may happen, while this is in play, the first floor and parts of the outside will flood with water. However both sides can freely move in the water as they will slowly sink to the bottom, as well as jump higher then normal and for longer. Keep in mind when in the water the jump dash will take more time to use effectively as well as you cannot die when in the water, but puppets can still curse you.

Flash Freeze

Last of all the effects we got the Flash Freeze effect. When active the entire map will freeze and will have a snow like appearance all around the place, including the inside. you won’t freeze however the ground will be a bit more tricky to use, you should be able to dash farther then before, and you won’t be able to turn as sharply as many of your turns when you don’t jump will be a wide turn. This can be a bad thing when you are fleeing or chasing as you could bump into a wall getting caught or losing your target, if you aren’t being chased walk while turning rather then running to save time.

Snatcher’s Buff

Unlike the Puppets, none cursed players (aka Snatchers Minions) buffs will activate if there is too many puppets, and not enough crowns, or lastly if there is one player left that isn’t cursed (regardless of the crown progress if you are the last one you should always have a snatcher buff).


While yes Invisibility does sound extremely powerful it has some drawbacks you may not be aware of, from a far or even from players that are unaware you can sneak past or even get away stealthy with this buff. However if icon reveals are active cursed puppets can find you from a distance as your icon is shown to them even while Invisible, Secondly sprinting, jumping, and or jump dashing can give you away easily as you still give out the smoke effect to all players. when up close you will shimmer clever puppets can still track you down with this so you aren’t completely invisible, best use is to walk slowly away from the puppets and if you suspect you have been spotted by a smart puppet you best start running as they know you are there.

Sprint Steal

Sprint Steal will take away the sprint hat from puppets for a short time, however if the puppet chasing you knows how to jump dash they can still keep up on you, but you can use tricky movements and turns to get away as jump dash doesn’t turn very well. A puppet that doesn’t use jump dash all the time will have a hard time getting to you as you can quickly get away.

Noodly Annoyance

If you ever wanted to have the puppets blinded, then Noodly Annoyance may be for you, when it activates all puppets and well, new puppets should have the Snatcher appear on their screen limiting their vision, this does make it easier to get away if they aren’t paying attention or even miss you entirely, however if they do have their sights on you when this goes off, they will have a harder time following you. Though sadly you may not be able to easily shake them off.

Lastly a Quick Heads Up

Vanessa’s Curse is online only and is well…. buggy at times, and as no match making, you will need to enter a party name by the machine near where you first start when logging into the mini game. Players that aren’t cursed doesn’t have to collect every crown to win, when an puppet(s) are selected a clock will appear with a long timer. However when it reaches zero the puppets will lose.

Bugs are present still and I will update this when noticeable bugs are patched, however matches should run smoothly as issues with online has been mostly fix, present but not as common.

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