A Hat in Time – The Community Thanks You Achievement Guide

Please note: all credit goes to Dartling!

This guide explains everything you’re going to need in order to unlock this achievement! The reason I made this in the first place is because I have heard a lot of people have problems with this achievement not knowing how it works so I made this guide to try and help people 100% complete this game.

How to Obtain The Community Thanks You Achievement

How to Unlock

In order to unlock this achievement (as it is mentioned in the achievement description) you need to collect 30 mod rift tokens from maps/levels made from people who make mods.

Now, to clear up confusion, even if you manage to get a lot of rift tokens from a single mod, in order to get this achievement you need to have 30 rift tokens shown on your save file and in order to get those you need to earn a time piece for the first time. So technically this achievement should have been described a little bit different, you really need to earn about 30 time pieces for the achievement to be unlocked.

Unlocking Methods

A few maps/levels I’d suggest for unlocking this achievement would be:

Time rift levels because of their short length and time piece reward at the end.

Levels that contain tons of chapters on their own for fast switching between earning time pieces.

I personally prefer just playing mods casually because I enjoy coming back to this game very often but do whatever suits you best whether you are an achievement grinder or a casual player.

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